Best 25 bollywood movies of all time

Posted on 24 june 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • I love to watch movie and tv series.Here is my best 25 bollywood movies of all time:-

  • 3 idiot

  • 1.3 Idiots

    This is still my favorite movie. Three Idiots’ is a remarkable ahead of its time Bollywood blockbuster. This film is a comedy movie with strong acting, memorable characters, a perplexing storyline and most importantly, highly motivational movie to choose the right path in your life. The movie revolves around 3 BFF's in an engineering college having different perspectives and backgrounds yet share a deep bond with each other. The movie comes with a plethora of surprises and great plots. This movie depicts life of engineering students which I believe will be an inspiration for all the generations to come. The movie shows several sensitive topics like suicide, ragging and poverty yet produces a very strong and clear message for the audience. The movie gives several life lessons and is a treat to one's eye. The songs in the movie and depth of the characters as well as the story bring a spectacular effect in the movie which makes it worth to watch, even several times. All in all the movie is a brilliant collaboration of great themes, innovative ideas and strong acting making it a blockbuster and registering it's name in the golden book of history.

  • Dangal


    DANGAL is a must watch movie in all aspects. This is a movie which inspires us to believe in dreaming big and that constant efforts and hard work never goes in vain. This is a true event based movie and reveals that an ordinary man who had to give up his passion when he had to prioritize survival over passion, but later fulfills his dreams through his two daughters beating all the odds that came across their way. And this was more difficult than himself prioritizing his survival over passion, because from a very rural background to bring up two girls into wrestling field was beyond imagination for anyone in society back at that time shown in movie. In such a time, his dream made him strong enough to overcome all hurdles including financial constraints and the society tantrums thrown before them. An ordinary man's dream later brought gold medal for a nation and above that two inspiring examples for the downtrodden gender of the nation to shed all their taboos and break their shells and forget the so called restrictions put above them tagged as traditions by rural dusted minds of society and patriarchy. This is the story of dreaming big, working hard to achieve it and finally making it happen. This also reflects the hardwork and dedication of the actor Amir Khan who has gone through real physical struggle to appear as a teenager, a man of 40s and as a senior citizen through gaining and losing weight to appear in three forms. This is indeed a must watch movie and its worthy enough.

  • my name is khan

    3.My Name Is Khan

    I first watched this some 8-9 years ago, I was a kid back then, didn't really understand every bit of small detailing, but now as I rewatch it, I realise what an incredible movie this was! Truly a masterpiece, with a powerful message of love . Definitely the best in all of SRK's films, and one of the best in Bollywood itself! Brilliant performances by SRK and Kajol . Even the songs are such heartwarming. There's just so much good in this movie, so many emotions Storyline is quite thoughtful and actors delivered it such beautifully with their performances. Its a shame this movie didn't get the recognition it so rightfully deserved. I feel bad for it, if only it were to be made in recent years, many more people would've watched it, now with smartphones and internet easily available everywhere. Overall, a 10/10 from me, and highly recommended for everyone!!

  • PK

    4.PK (2014)

    A superb movie asking all us all to take care of humanity rather than just religion. Because humanity is the religion we must care about before anything else.Once again, Aamir Khan (actor) takes away all the limelight and Cool to see Shushant Singh Rajput act beautifully. Anushka sharma pokes fun when she runs after Amir Khan, alien in the movie. She has done a very beautiful work as a journalist. The movie clearly portrays all your Doubts about God's existence,Which God to Believe.!! Though the cocept of movie have been copied from 2012 movie "oh my god".A must watch. If not for fun then for the content it presents. The ambiguity of our societies and the unexplained norms or barriers are explicitly shown to generate evolutionary thoughts. Definitely 5 stars.

  • Sholay


    Sholay is one of the best Indian film ever made. Every cast fits the role to perfection be it Amitabh Bacchan as Jai or Dharmendra as Virru or Asrani as the hilarious cop or..... The list is never ending. A movie worth watching 100 times with some great music stuff from R.D. Burman. Action Scenes are the best ever made in Indian History. The climax was wonderful. The late legendary actor Amjad Khan as notorious Dacoit Gabbar Singh is Phenomenal, Menacing and Excellent. Hema Malini and Jaya Bacchan acted really very well. Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur Baldev Singh was the second reason for the film'es stupendous success. Asrani and Jagdeep were really humourous. Their jokes are remembered until today. R.D. Burman gives great music to the film. This is the greatest movie ever made.

  • Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge

    6.Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

    The Iconic movie DDLJ - Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge marks 25th year, Released on 20th OCT 1995. What an Timeless movie... Words would fall short to describe about this Romantic Tale. Though we are kids when this movie released.. we have seen it in our teens & it impacted a lot. The movie which created a History, will be flourishing its magic through out the Indian Cinema. That's why it is still running in Maratha Mandir - Mumbai theatre from last 25 years & still on Sunday's it goes full as it holds a special place in every Indian Heart. I hope if lock down was not there.. It would have been released in Multiplex & I would have watched this movie again with my Family. Every scene is a must watch..The Train Scenes (Train Missing Scenes), Teasing Scenes, Proposal scene, Songs, Dialogues, the character's part, Screenplay, Story, Direction.. Everything was designed exceptionally beautiful by Aditya Chopra & everyone has portrayed their characters brilliantly giving their outstanding performances whether it's SRK or Kajol, Parmeth Sethi, Farida Jalal, Anupam Kher, Amrishpuri, Mandira Bedi though how many times we c this movie... Everything looks fresh. Everyone fells in dream as the movie caption suggests Come Fall in Love. Lots of memories of many people are attached with this movie.

  • Uri

    7.Uri: The Surgical Strike

    I am spreading the words out now - URI - The Surgical Strike is the Best and Smartest War Movie ever made in our country. Practically and Strictly made for urban audiences, this film marks a historical turn around for Indian film making.. Those frequent Hand-held Camera Movements, those never before seen Visual effects with long range Sniper Attacks or tactically placing Drones and above all, no unnecessary Emotional Drama but Superfast-paced Cold Blooded and Gripping War flick..!! I would say two names - Vicky Kaushal who will surely find his Stardom with this one and Aditya Dhar, the Debutant Director is a volcano of talent and his homework and research reflected totally on Silver-Screen..!! Salute to you..!! And Lastly, I don't know how much the story is exaggerated or dramatized but one thing I would tell for sure that Indian Film-making's future is in safe hands and they will march ahead with their head held high far and far away..!!! My Rating is 10/10 and only rating was cut cause I wanted a bit more from the supporting characters as this film was almost a One Man Show - Vicky Kaushal..!!!!

  • Swades

    8. Swades

    The story beautifully conveys the messages leaving you speechless with emotions and tears. There are several instances where you can feel the powerful acting. One of my favourites is when Mohan visits Haridasji and while coming back seeing a small boy selling water in kulhad who decides to buy a glass from him despite being an NRI. Another favourite one is while everyone sitting at school location on Dussehra on being asked about the conditions in the U.S. how meticulously Mohan explains that one can't judge the country based on varied culture and traditions. After all, it is well identifying rural areas scenario of that period no cinematic addition feels like purity. It’s my experience well I am a young guy with moderate experience throughout life.

  • hera Pheri

    9.Hera Pheri

    Hera Pheri was something completely new for its time. Bollywood comedy-of-errors were not very common back in the days. And even if they were they'd rarely be good. So rare that we can practically name them (let's try - Golmaal, Andaz Apna Apna. That's it, I did it). Hera Pheri comes from a time when we were not used to this kind of a humour. After a complete decade of mindless slapsticks by Govinda, this seemed like something that was completely driven by the comic timing, phenomenal acting, the setting and the story. If any of these elements was missing this film would have also crumbled down like the later comedy movies of Akshay Kumar. What exactly makes this film special are the characters, their relatable behaviour and the situation they got in. Raju, Shyam and Baburao have now become household names. The character of Kabira has also become something staple with bad guys on phones. Amrish Puri chasing Shyam for returning his money so that he could have his sister's wedding was a very well done runnig joke. And finally the ending scene was also very satisfying. Overall there was a great performance by all the actors. I think I have heard this movie is going to get a third part with John Abraham. I'd absolutely not want that. Replacing Akshay Kumar with John Abraham will surely ruin the franchise (like Welcome and Welcome Back). I'd prefer that both of them should stay, if the planned sequel is actually very good. But otherwise a duology is perfect

  • Taare Zameen Par

    10.Taare Zameen Par

    "Taare Zameen Par " Sometime we found stars in our earth this movie is one of the stars . This movie is a masterpiece.This movie has shown us that the world is comaparative. Now a days students are suffering from depression.But this movie has shown us a way to get out of it.The unconditionally love between Ishaan(Darshil)and Shankar(Amir) is just awesome the perfect relationship between a master and student . The movie has proved that every child is special and if they get support they will overcome every mountain. Darshil has done amazing acting in that small age and Amir is phenomenal .I am sure many parents have benefitted themselves from this movie and the greatest benefiters are the children who can be understood now by their parents.Music is just so enchanting and exceptional.Every moment of the movie is enjoyable especially the last scene .I think it is a must watch movie especially for teacher's parent's and student's.

  • omg

    11.OMG: Oh My God!

    Wonderful film. Have literally no word. This is another great film in which Paresh Rawal sir shows his simple charm. Too simple to make you dwell. He probably deserves numerous awards for this. He a living legend who is continuing to make people smile. A film makes you relaxed, a good film makes you happy and a best film makes you happy, satisfied and teaches you something. This is in the best category. It shows the life of normal people, the ending is very satisfying and it the changes the views people have on god or in short it shows the true identity of the divine. We also have Akshay Kumar sir as Krishna with his outstanding performance. This film is a very simple one which guarantees you to smile at least once. Hats off to the directors and staff. Wishing if such films could get an Oscar or at least a wide publicity rather than those War, Coolie no.1 featuring either nepotism or hotness. I also guarantee that you will want you watch this film again again rather than those hot and edited ones. Thank you for this once in a century movie

  • munna bhai

    12.Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

    Amazing and one my favourite movie I have never seen in my life superb movie. Actors acting were too good. The theme was about that Sanjay Dutt is not a doctor he is trying to act as a feak doctor so that his parents were felling proud about him that his sun is a well known doctor of that place when they knew the reality from Boman Irani means his characters name was dr j. Asthana he was Dean of that medical colleg. And last scene it was emotion when they were hugging each other they were crying in real in sanju movie ranbir kapoor was telling that . Director was telling them cut but they were not listening to himmat all . But when in 2006 lage raho munna bhai released when sanjay dutt was talking with jimmy shergal about his father shri sunil dutt ji passes away that he wants to say something to him that night but in next morning he died to cardiac arrest . Yes I have still remember in each and every news channels news was spread that famous politician and actor sunil dutt pass away it was in year 2005 in regional channels they were showing gun salute was giving to him and sanjay dutt and his sisters were crying every bollywood stars were present from starting abhishek bachan , shahrukh khan, salman khan, aamir khan , akshay kumar, pretty zinta , javed akhtar etc bollywood stars were present

  • Andhadhun


    Director Sriram Raghavan's fabulous piece of cinema... this is truly one of those enthralling thrillers of varying shades which actually keeps you tied to your seats(no loo/ cigarette breaks...!) A blind musician(pianist) Akaash( Ayushmann Khuranna) gets embroiled in a series of bizarre, twisted and often spell-binding events.... revealing even minute details of these would amount to spoilers! There is brilliance and unpredictabilty packed in almost every frame of this meticulously stitched, craftily plotted and crispily edited film having an open-ended climax( the 2nd half could've been trimmed very slightly further) This is Ayushmann Khuranna's best performance tilll date..... Tabu is superbly consistent as always... Radhika 'NETFLIX' Apte slips effortlessly into her character. Rest of the cast(yesteryear actor Anil Dhawan, Manav Vij, Ashwini Kalse, Zakir Hussain etc.) need to be applauded too. Such type of cinema needs to be patronized, encouraged and savoured. This is definitely the flick to catch this weekend

  • sanju


    The best biopic till date because this is not a biopic of some hero or great man who has achieved lot of great things in his life just like MS DHONI, BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG or MARY KOM, this is a biopic of an underdog which shows us how he fights, faces his problems and gets up again every time. An another story which shows us in a world where all the attention is given to mother's relation with her child, a responsible father can lead his child and give him the courage to face every problem he gets in and get him out of it. This is a film which has no antagonist, the antagonist is always within this reminds me a famous song of BABA nayak nahi khalnayak hu me, we are the villain of our own story and our own bad choices lead us to the problems. This film is great because of the magical writing done by the great writers abhijat joshi and rajkumar hirani and they again used the element of some character telling the story just like they used this element in 3 idiots and it looks fresh and keeps you engaging also they used the element LCD that's laugh, cry and drama they have said that if there is no laugh, no cry or no drama in the scene don't put it and there is laugh, cry and drama in each and every scene, at some point of the scene you start crying and suddenly they make you laugh by adding a bit of humor in it they have used all these elements in every film they have wrote. what makes rajkumar hirani the best director of the industry is he creates emotions so well by his great direction and it's really amazing how he told the SANJAY DUTT'S story, he said he was more interested in the family what his family was going through while all the events were happening he knows how to make people cry of empathy how to make them laugh and how to make them feel each and every thing. most of the people said it's ranbir kapoor who will be praised more than anyone else in the film but actually it's the writer's and director's film that they made ranbir look so fabulous and flawless. It's ranbir kapoor's best performance till date because he has played the character like no one could find ranbir in the film they all believed it was baba ❤

  • Ghajini

    15. Ghajini

    This movie is a masterpiece. I am so much connected to this movie, just 9 years old when watched it in theatre. But watching it many times and still filled with tears in eyes watching such a beautiful love story. Aamir khan has worked very hard for his physique, more than one and a half year of body building. Acting was superb by each and every actor, Asin as kalpana was treat to the eyes, her 'chulbula' andaaz was so much relaxing to the heart whenever she comes on screen. You will fall in love with her and during her death scene you will have tears in your eyes. Late Jiah khan was also good, and all other actors done terrific job. The direction and screenplay was beyond perfect, though the film dragged a little for 10 minutes after the first half but moreover this film has no other flaws. Both the halves were equally good, the climax fight had many goosebump moments. Music is great by AR Rehman, bgm and songs were nice and soothing. All and all a great film to watch

  • Lagaan

    16. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

    Oh man what can I say I was mesmorized with Aamir Khan's acting. He is so engrossed into Bhuvan, and he has depicted the character so nicely!!!!!! Hats off to you Aamir Khan for such an acting. He has really proved that he can play any role of any kind. Grace Singh, for a debut it's hard to protrey the role of a 1893 villager. But she has done it with all her heart and soul, she nailed it. I love Rachel Shelly, because she's done great supporting actress role, and last but never the least Paul Blackthorne your acting was phenomenal. You it's not very easy yeh to assan nei hai to act as a villian. But he also nailed it. Laggan is a story of a young 1893 villager who brings freedom for India by playing cricket. I absolutely loved watching this movie. By now it's has totally been one of the best Bollywood Movies which I have ever seen. Anyway Happy Bollywood Movie Day to you all and be safe

  • gang of Wasseypur

    17.Gangs of Wasseypur

    I can't express this movie in words. Before reading my review just watch the movie as soon as possible . I loved both the parts . The story is very good written be Zeishan Quadri and what a casting -Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Piyush Mishra, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Jaideep Ahlawat, Richa Chadda, Reema Sen, Vipin Sharma and many more . Every actor gave their 💯%. The music of the both the parts are awesome - jiya ho,womania,ik bagal,keh ke lunga and many more. I just wanna say thank you to all the people who worked in this movie . This is the best crime thrill action movie of India . Everything is very perfect including direction, music ,acting etc. I just wanna say that Please Anurag and Zeishan work on the 3rd part . When the first 2 parts were released many people did a big mistake to not watch in theatres . Now it is a cult classic and definitely people like me will definitely gonna watch it . Ye movie sabki baap hai including web series like mirzapur . I am waiting for third part . I am very impressed with this movie. When I watched it after that ever day it's dialogues and songs plays in my mind . It's so good. Again thank you for this legendary,once in a 100 year movie . Lastly please work on 3rd part because it will be an all time blockbuster.

  • Drishyam

    18. Drishyam

    A genuine gentleman's identity is not to be the successful icon but how he effectively protects his family due to the turbulent environment. Sometimes, due to too much engagement in professional development, we often forget our personal life obligations. Career achievements, unfortunately, prove futile in some unavoidable circumstances. This movie revolves around an ordinary person Vijay (Ajay Devgn) and his family who encounter with a cunning police personnel Meera (Taboo) who suspects them behind her only offspring's abduction. Throughout the movie, you will see how Vijay saves his family from this situation and finally manages to prove his innocence in the eye of law and expressed his valuable viewpoint in front of Meera. Ajay and Taboo were the perfect choices of this role. I also watched the original Malaylam ones, and Mohanlal was superb.

  • range de Basanti

    19.Rang De Basanti

    A perfect film in every aspect.Mehra's phenomenal direction, along with all the actors' spine chilling acting. Rahman's melodious tunes are sure to give you goosebumps. A must watch for everyone. Watch this movie if you are looking for some fun as well as some inspiration. This movie will always remain legendary in the history of cinema. This movie is also sure to make you cry and shock you to your core. Movies like Rang De Basanti are very rare and they don't get made often. If you are thinking of watching it, do watch it surely. A beautifully made masterpiece! Thank you Rakesh Omprakash Mehra for making this film. Truly life-changing and iconic. Rang De Basanti is a movie that you will never forget, it will always stay with you! The past scenes are filmed ever so intricately and beautifully. The lyrics are a different story altogether. Screenplay plays a really important role in the beauty of a movie; this movie's screenplay is surely one of a kind. RDB gives you a real and a different perspective of life. Must watch for everyone!

  • Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

    20. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

    "Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho toh zinda ho tum." This is my all time favorite movie.I can't praise how good this movie is. The only movie which completely describes about problems , friendship , life ,love , money , family, this is the best movie for everyone. For the one who is sad or depressed should definitely watch this movie.This movie is a blessing for those who wish to dream who wish to fly and live every single breath of their life. It's not a movie rather an experience.The acting in thr movie is autentic.The locations were awesome.The songs are very beautiful.This has drama,comedy , emotion and many other things.Hrithik Farhaan and Abhay were like real characters.Javed Sir's amazing lines were awesome. It teaches us we get one life so enjoy it do everything what you want to do ,listen to your hear

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    21.Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    This is a very heart warming movie where a big devotee of Lord Hanuman who strictly follows religious ideals but later dare to even pray in a masjid just for a six year old mute Muslim Pakistani girl who happened to get separated from her parents in India. She is all alone and appears before him. He takes her along, take good care thinking she is a brahmin. Eventually when he learns she is a muslim from Pakistan, though he gets frightened but his humanistic ideals dont let him abandon her though he was a strict hindu religious man and an indian patriot. Later, movie goes through different heart breaking circumstances. Finally this man's deeds even bring ordinary people from two nations who hate each other together to stop this hatred. This is a lesson and the protagonist is an example for each one of those in Pakistan and India who considers themselves as true Patriots by hating the other nation. This movie showcases how we should prioritize love care,humanity and honesty above money , safety, fame... The protagonist of the movie is an example for being selfless above being selfish. This is indeed a movie worthy to watch.

  • Barfi

    22.Barfi! (2012)

    The storyline was simple yet funny and inspiring , I would say there's no brainer entertainment everything in the story is natural nothing is uncommon or unrealistic . I recently saw Phata poster Nikla Hero wherein Ileana D'Cruz acted naturally and independently . The getups of Ileana is totally mesmerizing før example 5miniutes ago Ileana looks young and later after 5 minutes she is made to look old . I have never seen an actor / actress portraying two'different characters in a movie . Ranbir Kapoor as usual always entertains us and makes films into memories . Jagga Jassos by Ranbir Kapoor yet it was a flop but was good . This is a movie which you can watch a lot many times/multiple times but yøü won't be bored as the movie was super funny and inspiring it was a super hit at the box office with a collection of ₹ 112.1 C the storyline is quite simple -: (When Shruti leaves Barfi heartbroken, he meets and forms a special bond with Jhilmil, a girl with autism. However, months later, a chance encounter with Shruti causes old feelings to resurface.

  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    23.Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    It is very energetic and motivational had shown that for gaining something you have to take pain and pain.this film proves the slogan that "only pain to gain ".i get very much motivated by this film as I came to know that how an athlete lives their life and how much they are doing the hard work.though I had seen this film 5 times but then also I wanted to see it again and again, as all the character of film are perfectly matching. So that's why it looks real. All characters also had done a lot of hard work in order to execute such good movie. And I appreciate to their work and I also wants to say them Thankyou for executing such a good movie.

  • chak de india

    24.chak de india

    Chak De! India is a must-watch, and an inspiring story that deals with the themes of national integration, sportsmanship, women empowerment, gender equality, and regaining one's reputation when one has been wrongly accused of supporting the opposing team on the hockey ground. Shah Rukh Khan has portrayed his character in this film brilliantly, and has probably lived his character! Herein, he plays the role of an ex-professional hockey player who sets out to coach the Female Hockey Team of India and regain his lost reputation. On a personal level, I never thought that I would enjoy a film related to sports to this extent, but this film kept me glued to the screen throughout its entirety. Being an influential film and a well-nuanced one, this film is a must-recommend!

  • badhai ho

    25.badhai ho

    Wonderful movie came to us as gift from Amit Sharma in festive season.lovely acting by neena gupta, gajraj rao, and surekha sikri. Ayushman- we hav seen always has given his best in screen so it is as expected from him. But the other lead casts are awsome. The younger brother of him even. Sanya is fesh n effort less. Now movie-such a simple story can tell so many plots, emotions, feelings,reality of our society. The last sceene when the Kaushik family sees n welcomes their angel for the 1st time-my god what a direction.emotions n happyness were brilliantly captured. 80%audience including me cried with same emotion as kaushiks. Kudos to director Amit Sharma. I was missing neena gupta ji from long in big screen, thanks for bringing her,would love to see more work from her.

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