All time best 40 animated movies

Posted on 08 08-july-2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • I have watched almost all good animated my opinion animated movies are better than others movies because massage and creativity are really good. here my all time best 40 animated movies:

  • zootopia


    I love this movie so very much. The characters are so great and amazing. The city itself is remarkable colorful wild exotic awesome peaceful and great. Nick Wilde is such a great hot looking funny hilarious coming Fox. Judy Hopps It's a Great Hero that saved an entire city. Finnick the fennec fox is the reason why I love now fennec foxes. This movie has such great moments of racism and life lessons. I think it's the best computer animated Disney movie ever.There's nothing like I've ever seen with this amazing heart touching Disney movie. My most favorite scene is the naturalist Oasis with the naked yak. The anthro animals in this movie are so amazing and perfect.

  • WALL-E


    Beautiful film; it's yet another out-of-this-world Pixar masterpiece. So far, this is one of Pixar's most beautifully-animated movies the studio's ever made (just look at the film's space setting, it's deeply breathtaking). The romance between WALL-E & EVE is cute to watch, the characters are lovable, the story's brilliant (seriously, the idea of the humans moving out to space and that WALL-E has to bring them back to Earth is interesting), the film's theme of enviromentalism (and its other life lessons) are very well handled, the humor's funny, the songs are wonderful, and everything about this film is amazing! Thanks to this film, I could see that even the most silent of films have lots of surpising emotional depth.

  • spider man

    3.Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is an amalgam of good animation, comedy and emotions beautifully delivered with the power of friendship and togetherness being superior to everything else. The movie has a simple story line where multiple, parallel universes collide and the writers take good use of this by writing enthralling character arcs which give out a simple message, ‘That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.’ The great aspect of this film is how it builds an emotional relationship with very less screen time.

  • Spirited Away

    4.Spirited Away

    Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is a work of magic that you shouldn’t miss. It is an unforgettable, thrilling and enchanting anime movie. Easily one of the best movies I’ve ever watched and the best movie in Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli is from Japan, and there are many movies from it like Howl’s Moving Castle, War Of The Fireflies, Whisper Of The Heart, and My Neighbour Totoro. You will definitely love Spirited Away if you are an anime fan. Even if you hate anime, you need to watch this masterpiece.

  •  how to train your Dragon to train your Dragon

    I have nothing but praises for these films. I recently just finished the 3rd installment of the trilogy and my god is my eyes puffy. It's such a beautiful, fun, heartwarming watch with the greatest of animation presented in each newer release. Maybe it's because I'm such an animal lover with a soft heart and the biggest empathy for relationships that I just can't help but fall in love with, not just the world they built but also, the connection each character has with each other-- they wrote it so beautifully! And the lessons they give speaks to you because it's relevant and executed so well. Don't even get me started on that beautiful score that never fails to make me tear up as I reminisce on the amazing scenes they played it on.

  •  ratatouille


    Ratatouille doesn't have a complicated, twisted plot meant to impress the audience, and I don't think it needs one, either. It does not make you particularly cry or laugh, but a light smile played across my lips during the majority of the film. There's an obvious villain and hero hinted from the very start, but the creativity is there nonetheless. Ratatouille is simply one of those heartwarming, PG, happy-ending movies that families tend to watch together. In my opinion, satisfaction is a key point of watching a movie, and I was indubitably content with the entire storyline of Ratatouille.

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    7.Wreck-It Ralph

    This is a fantastic Disney Movie. This film captures so many nostalgic moments for me playing video games when I was a little kid. I love how Ralph-the main character-is on a quest to prove that he can be good. He wins a medal from another arcade game and uses it to show his kindness, and he realizes that he doesn't need a medal to prove he's a good person. I love the characters in this film. Felix, Sergeant Calhoun and Penelope are so exciting and unique. I love how Ralph goes turbo and Felix tries to stop him, only to get kidnapped by the cough drop. If that wasn't enough, Ralph even brought a cybug into the sugar rush video game that soon multiplies and takes it over. The Plot twist about King Candy being Turbo in disguise is so breathe taking. I'm shocked i didn't see it coming seeing that Turbo became jealous of the second racing game that took his place.

  • Kung Fu Panda

    8.Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda will always be one of my favorite animated movies in my heart, I watched it a lot when I was a kid and I had a lot of fun watching growing up it’s always been my go-to Dreamworks movie. This movie has it all, great story, amazing characters and character arcs, definitely an entertaining and fun and epic animated movie to watch. Every one in the cast does amazing voicing each of their character they’re very hilarious, they are by far the best cast in an animation movie, I really think that the animators did fantastic on the animation and every detail in it was just fantastically handled very well and all of the origins in this film was told very well and understanding of the story for the movie, this movie just means a lot to me even to other people who have been watching it since they were a kid, it’s definitely a movie that no one would imagine to exist I feel like people would still imagine that even in this time.

  •  up

    9.up 2009

    This movie was one of my favorites when I was growing up. Seeing two lovebirds from meeting at the 1930s, getting married in the 1950s, and The Wife dying in either the 1990s or 2000s. Carl is such an amazing character, who would do absolutely anything to fulfill his dream of going to paradise falls with his wife Ellie. They were unfortunately unable to do that together due to real life problems, such as bills, car wrecks, Injuries and House replacement. During those life problems, they thought they are going to be pregnant with their first child, but after a few months, we then see her, who is suffering a miscarriage and then we learned that she was now infertile. She falls into a deep depression soon after, so Carl shows his wife her old Adventure Book, reminding her of the promise that first brought them together, and they begin to plan a trip to Paradise Falls, as they had always wanted. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be able to happen. The two grew old together, and then they soon eventually retired in the late 1980s. Carl had an idea, he brought up enough money to go to paradise falls, but sadly, Ellie got sick, leading her to the hospital.

  •  despicable me

    10.despicable me

    This is not a movie nor a film. This is a work of art. A masterpiece. The way our protagonist, Gru, goes from a cold-hearted loner to a loving, caring father who would put his life on the line for his girls truly captures what life is all about; family. Through flashbacks, we can also see that Gru's father was absent and that he was neglected by his mother and this makes him a sympathetic character that you root for, even before his turn to good. Steve Carell delivers his most gripping, encapsulating performance yet all that tugs on your heart strings and will truly make you rethink your entire attitude to life. In my opinion, Gru is the greatest character, not only in film but in fiction itself. As much as I'd love to talk about Gru, its not Despicable Me if there are no Minions, the lovable little yellow fiends who really carry the film's humorous aspects. Who can forget the scene where the Minions photocopy images of their rear ends? Peak comedy.

  •  Frozen


    Based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson and is a project in the works since the beginnings of Disney. This is hands down one of the best musicals Disney has created. This starts with the amazing work of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who were the song composers for this film and Christophe Beck who was the score composer. The score wonderfully sets the backdrop and the songs are all memorable and work so well with the themes and character arcs. The casting is also perfect as all the main character voice actors have experience performing on Broadway. The work on the animation is also well done with great particle effects for the snow and noticeable improvements on human hair.

  • Big Hero 6

    12.Big Hero 6

    Let me say the visuals and animation are absolutely stunning. The movie really feels you in for the first hour with the two brothers and an amazing showcase of technology and science. Wether you’re 19 like myself or a 4 year old toddler, you’re minds going to appreciate the imagination put into the film. It has a great combination of humor and wholesomeness throughout the film that makes it a great to watch family film or even just a late night binge movie when you’re alone.

  •  Inside Out

    13.Inside Out

    The emotions of an eleven year-old girl named Riley are brought to life inside her head as they move from Minnesota to San Francisco. The voice casting in this film is amazing! Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling are terrific as Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust respectively. Them and Richard Kind as Bing Bong drive this film. This film has so much thought put into it (pun intended)! The way they portray things like memory, abstract thought, dreams, depression, etc., is so creative and somewhat educational. The finale also brings a great emotional lesson for anyone. Not only is the story and backgrounds creative, but the animation and attention to detail is simply astounding and makes this film worth watching repeatedly.

  •  coco


    What a wonderful movie!!! I really love the message about bringing people together through music and family. I really love Miguel's character because even though he and Mama Coco brought love and music back he still learns how important his family is. Miguel and Mama Coco were able to bring music back because they realize that if they want to be a good family, they have to be good listeners. Anthony Gonzalez's performance as Miguel was great. Miguel is a deeply developed character who finds a passion for what is important in his family I also really enjoyed Gael Garcia Bernal's performance as Hector. Hector acts as Miguel's mentor to guide him through his journey. I was also impressed with Benjamin's performance as Ernesto de la Cruz. Ernesto's personality is as a charming, suave, wise, and sensible individual who encouraged others to follow their dreams no matter what.

  •  The Croods

    15.The Croods

    this movie was incredibly funny! it was very heartfelt, sincere, and presents a very moralistic view about goals and braveness. belt, the sloth, was without a doubt a funny character to see and he's in fact a great wingman to eep and guy. gotta love that sloth. and then gran? oh let me tell you, she swims like a sea turtle and its so funny for no reason and she's just a great character overall. grug? man, he really had a character development along with his daughter eep. together they realized the true meaning of love and life. the rest of the family? they're a great bonus combo to all the good things in this movie.

  • Toy Story

    16.Toy Story

    This movie is an absolute masterpiece. The humor in Toy Story is absolutely perfect. Comedic timing always on point and jokes that never get old every time you turn the movie on in Disney Plus. Tom Hanks is the standout in my opinion with the pure emotion he puts into every line, it’s almost comedic how much effort he puts into every line of dialogue. Tim Allen is great as Buzz, just a perfect fit for the character. The only thing I don’t like about this movie would be the humans to be honest but it’s easily overlooked. The whole cast of toys is perfectly selected. The emotion hits when it needs to and that’s necessary for any movie but especially a Pixar movie. Also, the music is AMAZING.

  • The Incredibles

    17.The Incredibles

    One of my favorite Pixar movies I grew up with.The story plot was splendid. Packed with lots of action, an incredible voice cast, and an incredible music score performed by Michael Giaachino. I personally liked Jason Lee's voicing of Syndrome (Buddy Pine) as the supervillian. I also liked Spencer Fox's role of playing Dash better than Huck Milner's in the sequel. My favorite character would be Edna Mode because she's also voiced by Brad Bird as well as him being director and also known to design supersuits for the Incredible family, and her strong disliking towards the idea of including capes. I would recommend this movie to viewers who love superhero movies and to other Pixar fans if they're prefer other Pixar movies from the Golden Age as well.

  • Monsters, Inc

    18.Monsters, Inc

    This is yet another one of my favorite movies to watch growing up mostly because I was so entranced by all of the colorful monsters in the amazing monster world known as Monstropolis, but out of all the monsters I've seen my favorite one as well as favorite character in this film is of course Sulley. The characters, the musical score, the song in the end credits, the story, the feelings, the intensity, the laughs, the truth behind the huge business of the whole city, everything about this film still amazes me even today. Mike and Sulley are yet another one of the most incredible and fearless pairs of best friends I've ever seen, sure they may seem a bit hesitant about a few new things they come across but they still march through them because they're best friends and when it comes to dealing with something they didn't even know was happening they still stick by each other and make things right again, that's what best friends do.

  • megamind


    Roxanne Ritchie was not over-characterised into an unlikeable female lead (unlike some other characters from other movies that I know of), but neither is she under characterised or thrown to the side to do the protagonists’ biddings. Minion, Megamind’s friend and sidekick, was not thrown away and forgotten halfway into the film and then given a rushed ending. Instead he gets his own mini story arc, and the dynamic between Megamind and Minion is unlike any other villain/sidekick relationship (at least imo). Wayne Scott (Metro Man) was unforgettable. In a storyline where the villain goes good, the former good guy usually becomes bad. But Metro Man is just tired of playing something he never wanted to be and quit. While it’s admittedly selfish it’s understandable, and you cannot fault him for finally thinking for himself.

  • Finding Nemo

    20.Finding Nemo

    Marlin, a nervous and neurotic clownfish is heavily overprotective of his son Nemo, who only wants to explore the sea in its entirety. When Nemo gets caught by a scuba diver and taken away, it is up to Marlin to swallow his own fears and find Nemo. The ensuing search and rescue organized by the him is a mass effort by swimming and flying creatures of all sizes and personalities, such as a threesome of vegetarian sharks, a fish with short term memory and an aged turtle, all helping him realise the error of his ways in restricting himself to just his home.

  • The Boss Baby

    21.The Boss Baby

    The plot of this movie is mediocre but I LOVE the characters. Dad is hip and his accent is funny, Dad has nice hair I guess but Boss Baby, oh boy. I love Boss Baby. Not only is he my favorite character in the movie, but he is also my favorite person in the whole wide world. He is the ideal man. Not only is he a great person because he's funny and so caring but he's also super attractive. His cute nose, his curly hair, his long face, ugghh so SEXY. Tomorrow I'm getting a tattoo of Boss Baby on my back, not a little one, a HUMONGOUS one.

  •  Hotel Transylvania

    22.Hotel Transylvania

    The plot of this movie is mediocre but I LOVE the characters. Dracula is hip and his accent is funny, Mavis has nice hair I guess but Johnny, oh boy. I love Johnny. Not only is he my favorite character in the movie, but he is also my favorite person in the whole wide world. He is the ideal man. Not only is he a great person because he's funny and so caring but he's also super attractive. His cute nose, his curly red hair, his long face, ugghh so SEXY.

  •  Monsters University

    23.Monsters University

    I enjoy Pixar movies and monsters university is one of my favorite Pixar movies I usually watch it when I’m bored or when I’m eating something but this movie came out in 2013 and it has really good animation. There was lots of movies that came out in 2013 I remember that year clearly, despicable me 2 also had good animation just like monsters university and they both came out in 2013. But monsters university is a great movie I never saw anyone hate it but the original is good as well. This movie shows how Mike and sulley first met and it also shows their friends that they had in the past. This movie tells us a lot of things and it gave us a huge lesson to learn just like toy story would do.

  •  Meet the Robinsons

    24.Meet the Robinsons

    This was another one of the greatest Disney films ever made for fans like me and my sister to enjoy for years to come. My favorite character in the entire Robinson family is Lazlo mostly because I just find him very charming and rather creative since he doesn't seem to touch the ground most of the time, but everyone else in the entire Robinson family I love so much and they even remind me of my family quite a bit. One of the best songs for this film is actually in the special features but is on the movie's soundtrack and it's called Kids of the Future by The Jonas Brothers, listen to it I garuntee you'll love it. If you haven't seen this film yet than you're completely missing out on something really incredible and absolutely timeless and not just because it has to do with time travel, but mostly because it's really another one of the best Disney films ever created that really focuses on family and what it really takes to do the impossible not just for family but for the future as well.

  • cloudy with achance of meatballs

    25.cloudy with achance of meatballs

    Based on the book of the same name by Judi & Ron Barrett, this underrated gem is the most tastingly delicious, zany, fast-paced food movie ever. I know Sony Pictures Animation isn't that great of a studio (well, that can't be said anymore thanks to Spidey-Man: Into The Spidey Verse), but here they just proved that they can be as great as both Disney & Pixar (in terms of storytelling, character development, emotional depth, and almost everything). The idea of food falling down from the sky like rain is EXTREMELY wonderful, the characters are lovable (and yes, I also think Flint & Sam are the cutest nerd couple), the animation & visuals are gorgeous, the soundtrack's vibrant, the film's wry humor is off-the-wall hillarious.

  • Brave


    Good thing there was no shortage of alcohol in castles. Break Merida's back! Merida should warm meat on Angus's back. Merida hasn't taken up on Hygiene, you can smell her every time she goes into a room. When we moved from hunting and gathering, we stopped being predators and started becoming prey to a greater extent. Medieval Living Wasn't As Glamorous as in the Movies - It's Actually Super Gross. Mor'du Towers over Merida, he's 13 ft. tall, and very intimidating. tower over (someone or something) To be much taller than someone or something else. They're almost comical together because he towers over her so much.

  • A Bug's Life

    27.A Bug's Life

    This was pretty solid for a 1990s film. The animation was pretty decent, and I love the story about Flick the ant living in a colony and constantly messes everything up, and all he wants to do is show the colony about what he wants to do to help. He teams up with all these circus bugs that got fired after burning their boss. I also loved Hopper the grasshopper and how he forces the ants to gather all the food he needs for the winter. I will say that compared to Antz, it's a lot sadder seeing the main character is being mistreated so much. Z was at least able to find some friends in his colony and never let them down on a massive trend, and he even fell in love with Princess Paula a lot sooner than Flick did with Princess Adda.

  • Cars


    This is yet another Disney masterpiece that deserves all the credit and appreciation that any Disney film should get, with everything this film has to offer with the characters, musical score, great songs including my favorite one from this film Life is a Highway, story, animation and amazing message about how there are more important things in life than winning I'll definitely be watching this movie long into my golden years whether it's on Disney Plus or on the dvd copy of it I have. Out of all the characters in Cars my favorite character is Mater the tow truck mostly because he's so sweet, adorable, caring, hilarious, free spirited, responsible, resourceful and he's got one of the most unforgettable voices I've ever heard.

  • The Lion King

    29.The Lion King

    "The Lion King" has been one of my favorite Disney animated films, so I was nervous about seeing Jon Favreau's remake. Surprisingly, from beginning to end, I found myself consistently enjoying this remake more than the original, and I had no problem with it. This remake absorbed my attention with it's astounding, dazzling visuals, and this is the only Disney lifelike remake that has no humans, and animals are my passion. Jon Favreau and his crew pulled it off so well, and how on earth did they do it? Let me explain: When it comes to the craftsmanship, it is an incredible technical achievement; in beats, we all knew it has the same story, but as you are watching it, you are wondering how the filmmaking techniques will execute the same story differently, and I did not expect much at all. Jon Favreau displays his best direction here due to his effective and persistent timing and cadence.

  • Tangled


    I have only good things to say of Tangled, and I believe it's quite easily one of the greatest animated movies to date. The plot is an interesting, unique take on the original Grimm tale (though thank goodness Disney made it age-appropriate) and blends a beautiful mix of fantasy, comedy, romance, horror, and realism together into an original fairytale. The voice actors are well-picked and did an AMAZING job delivering each character's personality and emotions properly. The soundtrack features 4 songs (When Will My Life Begin, Mother Knows Best, I've Got a Dream, I See the Light), all memorable, catchy, diverse and beautiful - as well as orchestral and traditional music. The animation is gorgeous, especially for 2010 and the budget + time this movie had. The color scheme they had for Rapunzel is gorgeous and the palettes for each different scene complement the vibes it gives off so well.

  •  Madagascar

    31.Madagascar 2005

    This movie has such nice characters like Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman who lived in their peaceful homes in Central Park Zoo. Until, after Marty's birthday and as he wonders in New York, his friends go after him and all of them were caught by the police and animal control and were shipped out to sea and landed in an adventurous/dangerous island of Madagascar. I like all the scenes from the movie, except for one scene where a young lemur Mort cries in front of Alex who accidentally spoke some rude words and showed his sharp teeth. But the animation, the music and the characters are fantastic for the whole family to enjoy.

  • epic

    32.Epic 2013

    I really love the message about that the natural world is extremely important and that it really is essential to use because it supplies us with all the natural resources we need to survive. The natural world produces the oxygen we need to survive which is the number one material we need to survive. Additionally, I was so overjoyed by Josh Hutcherson performance as Nod, who is my favorite person here as he fully embodied the transformative character by his mentor Ronin. Nod is selfish and can sometimes be fool when making mistakes of himself by ending up in trouble, but is also compassionate about the forest.

  • Moana


    Moana is a phenomenal movie released in 2016 about a young girl that breaks the stereotypes and limitations of her culture and parents’ desires for her life in order to save her tribe. The movie follows her as she slowly gains the confidence to leave on a long journey across the sea to Te Fiti in order to save her people. On her way, she ends up meeting Maui, a demi-god. Although at first, he tries to escape her and follow his own good and his own desires. She quickly asserts her dominance and they become unlikely partners on their journeys.

  • storks


    This movie's so cute and funny. My mom and I went to see it and we loved it. We saw Zootopia and we were so disappointed at Zootopia's storyline because it was too dark and had a message that kids didn't need. We wondered why no one brought their kids to see Storks, since Storks was more in a child's perspective. It was funny, too. The whole family could enjoy it. Birds lovers especially will like it. They have talking birds, showing more birds than storks and the art style is cute too.

  •  Onward


    love the message about how everybody has lost someone in their lives but always has others to look up to. I also love how the creators are put more meaning into the movie by bringing people together instead of blowing things up. Developing more meaning in movies makes audiences think more about their own lives and the influences that shaped them. Additionally, I really enjoyed Chris Pratt's performance of Barley Lightfoot as he perfectly captured the essence of the character. Also, Tom Holland's performance of Ian Lightfoot was equally spectacular as he fully embodied the transformative character. Chris and Tom did astounding in their roles because of similarities found between their characters and their own lives. The characters Barley and Ian have almost completely opposite personalities. Barley is determined, confident, and fearless while Ian is not.

  • The Good Dinosaur

    36.The Good Dinosaur

    The film is going to hit you in the feels and spot is going to grow on you. The visuals of the film are better than anything to ever come on animated films and the technology used to build this landscape will make you give a standing ovation to the team of Good Dinosaur. Coming back to spot Just thinking about this little child living in the wild with dinosaurs is going to make you feel for him and you can see spot in many children of this world today who are surviving all alone in this world. Spot is my favorite character now ever. He made me a better person. He is in my heart always and forever.

  •  Soul

    37.Soul 2020

    I love the message about how to appreciate yourself and to be happy about all the little moments in your life and not hold on to bad relationships and truly appreciate the gift of life that life is not about talent. It's about perseverance. I also love how the creators put more meaning into the movie by bringing people together instead of blowing them and things up. Developing more meaning in movies makes audiences think about society and their personal lives and the influences that shaped them. Additionally, I really enjoyed Jamie Foxx's performance as Joe Gardener as he fully embodied the transformative character. Joe is a smart, earnest everyman, a human being anyone can relate to. His true passion is playing jazz, and he’s very good at it. Joe has an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz history. His passion for music may have hampered his social life over the years, but it hasn’t hampered his confidence.

  •  Luca

    38.Luca 2021

    I really enjoyed Luca. It took me back to the carefree days of my youth and I came out with a more positive outlook on it. As someone who grew up as an oddball outcast and spent my summers causing trouble around the neighborhood, making new acquaintances, encountering bullies and occasionally getting in fights with friends, I identified a lot with this film. I appreciate that the characters were written to be curious, ambitious and believable kids prone to flaws because it made me relate to them so much more than the excessively perfect and ultimately bland and forgettable angels that most other Disney films have a habit of including.

  • Turning Red

    39.Turning Red

    The characters are some of the best written characters ever in all of fiction I truly wish I could be friends with them in real life, I also wish I could become a red panda in real life as they are my favorite animal in real life and seeing them on the big screen filled my heart with happiness and my eyes with tears. The animation is the best in history and every movie should be forced to look like this. I also think little queen mei mei should be the main character of every movie going forward. This movie is better then enchanto.

  • 40.Sing

    This movie is a masterpiece, I love how the characters interact, which is the main point of this movie. It shows many different points of view which causes young watchers and listens to be able to have better speech with people around that, also they can understand what people are saying easier. It starts from a young playwriter with his life going downhill fast, suddenly he has a spark of hope when one day he hears someone singing inside of the subway, he starts running after the man that was singing and finally meets him. He meets so many great characters on the way of his story. And the movie ends on a the highest point throughout this story.

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