Best 25 bollywood comedy movies of all time

Posted on 25 june 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • I love to watch movie and tv series.Here is my best 25 bollywood movies of all time:-

  • Munna Bhai MBBS

  • 1.Munna Bhai MBBS

    This movie is one of its kind. A perfect entertainer. Each and every age group will enjoy this movie. Have seen Sanjay dutt in a gangster role in many other movies but after vaastav this is my favorite movie of him. Each and everyone has done a great job in acting department. Music is also very good and will never get old. Sanjay Dutt will be remembered even after his death for this movie for sure.

  • Hera Pheri

    2.Hera Pheri

    one the best comady film ever seen each dilouge is epic and acting is fabulous one of the my favourite film i watched it 5 times but never get bored of this film there is lots of things you can learn from this film they put in way of comady also you can watch with your whole family no vulgar laguage is use but i assure you without any vulgar lanuage this film make you laugh from your inside of the soul

  • Phir Hera Pheri

    3.Phir Hera Pheri

    Just pure comedy. Couldn't stop laughing the entire movie. Specially Baburao is one of greatest characters ever. Raj,Shyam,Totla Tiwari,The muscular man and the tall man, and so many funny characters. Amazing. Couldn't wait for Hera Pheri 3

  • PK

    4.PK (2014)

    I came to watch this movie by chance. And found it so interesting, endearing and thought provoking. It brought both laughter and tears - most importantly, it communicates ideas antithetical to society in such an easy manner - haven't seen one like this for a long time. Some might think it should be more subtle but then it would not be so easily communicable.

  • 3 idiots

    5. 3 Idiots

    The only film which one can watch for like a million times and never be bored. It's the only film which has a strong message to give. Has all fine actors, great music and an amazing storyline. If there's one film which I would watch for a 100th time, it would definitely be 3 idiots. Hats off to the man of the ship who came up this idea and gave us all a masterpiece to enjoy. One can clearly see the amount of hard work that all the actors have put in. Hats off and pls continue the good work!!

  • OMG

    6.OMG: Oh My God!

    Wonderful film. Have literally no word. This is another great film in which Paresh Rawal sir shows his simple charm. Too simple to make you dwell. He probably deserves numerous awards for this. He a living legend who is continuing to make people smile. A film makes you relaxed, a good film makes you happy and a best film makes you happy, satisfied and teaches you something.

  • Dhol

    7.Dhol (2007)

    Ultimate movie , seriously there isn't a single scene when I stop laughing. Such a great movie every actor has its own importance. We want its 2nd part but with same actors. Especially if you gonna take John abraham then this is not gonna work for you coz he is good in angry roles but seriously comedy, he doesn't know C of comedy. But yes plz make this 2nd part or another movie with another title but we want same actors and yes ofcourse Rajpal Yadav

  • bhool bhulaiya

    8.Bhool Bhulaiyaa

    One of my favourite movie, i have seen it almost 8-10 times and still enjoy it whenever i see it again. Perfect horror comedy of all times, its 10 on 10. Every single second of the film is entertaining and engaging, hats of the acting of the entire cast. New bhool bhulaiya is also somewhere good but it cant be compared to this masterpiece.

  • welcome


    One of the best comedy movie . Everybody's acting was really good. Dialogues were too funny. homour factor was actually there. All the cast has done a very good job. It's a pure comedy and noting to be taken seriously. Akshay sir you are best . Nice work by Katrina Kaif. This movie always makes me stress free n makes me laugh too hard..must watch can not miss it..

  • Golmaal

    10.Golmaal Fun Unlimited

    Amazing comedy drama movie. Actors acting is real good. Specially Paresh sirs acting is superb he was looking like a real blind old man wearing black glasses . Storyline direction is superb. Golmaal one is good but now a days Golmaal series are not good only jokery is there a lot sorry to say that Rohit sir but as a audience I am saying that to you. Otherwise its a nice movie.

  • garam Masala

    11.Garam Masala

    I can not stop laughing everytime I am watching this movie πŸ˜‚... Amazing work done by paresh rawal sir... And how can we forget our comedy king akshay sir... He was fabulous and so was John sir....!

  • no Entry

    12.No Entry

    One of the best comedy movie of the year 2005. I have seen this movie twice in theater. Salman Khan as usaul looking dashing and Anil Kapoor deliver one of the finest performance through out the movie. Waiting for No Entry Sequel.

  • Housefull


    I love this movie alot. This movie is very clean and best comedy. Sajid Khan has directed this movie very well. I like Akshay Kumar, Reteish Deshmukh amd Boman Irani's acting as its very funny. I like this Sajid Khan movie and it is better than Heyy Babby comedy film. Even Heyy Babby was gud. I liked even Arjun Rampals acting. Whenever you feel sad, watch Housefull movie as it will make you very laugh. This movie is childish but I still like it.

  • chup chup ke

    14.Chup Chup Ke

    The love story part is all right but it's the comedy that steals the show. The spontaneous and quick sequences of comic scenes are hilarious and thrills your funny core with laughter. Watched this movie several times just for the comedy. While there are great actors Rajpal Yadav seems to be the one you would love the most.

  • Bhagam Bhag

    15.Bhagam Bhag

    Priyadarshan does it again!! He is the best director in India when it comes to comedy and comedy movies are always incomplete without actor's like Akshay, Rajpal Yadav, Govinda, Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor !! Sad that movies like these are not made but a fantastic fantastic, movie much better than comedy movies being made today in Bollywood !! You won't be bored a single second as it's a Priyadarshan movie !!

  • bol bachan

    16. Bol Bachchan

    This is very comedy film and there is action also. I don't think it is a remake film and I also don't care about that Rohit Shetty is a good director and throughout his career he had not done any flop films. He had done average films but they are not flop. Ajay Devgn I am the biggest fan of you. I have seen all your movies. You are a good actor, director and producer. There are all qualities in you. I love you Ajay Devgn 😍. Please all watch these movie. This is a good movie.

  • Golmaal

    17.Golmaal Returns

    Awesome slapstick comedy. Finally I say, its worth a watch. Comic timings of Arshad warsi and especially Tushar Kapoor are superb. Ajay is brilliant. Kareena was as usual looks so hot & sexy, her pouting lips and svelte figure lights up the screen.

  • Khatta Meetha

    18. Khatta Meetha

    i love the movie . all character of this movie just nailed it , all of them played their roll outstanding ,comedy timing of each one is outstanding , if i am talking about the lead actor akshay kumar , has given all his energy in movie to play their role because this character needs more power as he act very fast to play this character act very very fast , talk fast , he always keep a umbrella and hang bag all the time because he is a contractor . movie start by bad incident and after that movie take the way of laugh until the climax come after the way of movie turn into another way of drama and all audience get shocked by the drama . at the end we fell yes we watched that movie which has everything like action , comedy, drama , love , ambition . it's full packed movie

  • jolly LLB

    19.Jolly LLB

    AThis is a film with perfect casting, superb performances from Warsi, Shukla, Rao and Irani. The supporting cast delivers big time - special mention to junior lawyer, Jija Ji, Hawaldar Guru Ji, Kaul saab and Bodyguard policeman. Fine performances, organic humor and a simple, straightforward screenplay. Keeps us interested till the climax. A must watch. I would have given 5 stars if this movie did not have songs. Jolly LLB is up there with Iqbal, Munna Bhai MBBS, and 3 Idiots

  • Namastey London

    20. Namastey London

    One of the movirw you can watch over and over again without getting bored. The plot is good, direction is nice and the acting of the lead pair is perfect to the roles they are portraying. Nicely written, some of the scenes are a delight to watch as the scene on the yatch after the engagement of Katrina to Charlie. Worth a watch at least once.

  • chennai express

    21.chennai express

    One of my favourites.Comedy,action,romance,good music,strong villians,excellent background score and pace of the movie. Plot is interesting and the journey of shahrukhs character from beginning to end layer by layer is interesting as he comes into his own. Repeat value is fab i hav ewatched this atleast 6-7 times and i dont usually watch movies again.if you like hindi entertainers in their musical comedy romantic avtaar then its for you.very get on the train baby! And yeah i forgot to add that some scenes of this movie are just beautiful. movie has some lovely love story undercurrent that gradually peaks actually their is some heart in this movie for sure!

  • dream girl

    22.dream girl

    I have never laughed so hard for so long in a long time. I absolutely adored this movie and it’s funny characters and situations. I am also not a fan of watching any movie twice but for this one , I would love to watch it atleast 2 more times just to enjoy all the one liners which were almost back to back. I already loved Ayushman khurana now I guess I am even more of a fan after this movie . My only doubt was if I could take kids with me but since there were no explicit vulgar dialogues I did not feel guilty taking them along. So go ahead , take your family with you .Every bit worth your money.

  • Fun2shh


    15 + years old now, yet it is funny and entertaining to watch. Just watch it with a free mind and for laughs and you will end up having a very very good time. I really miss those old days when such movies used to be super fun.

  • Stree


    Stree is a horror-comedy on the surface. But it can also be treated as a satire, that takes very intelligent digs in a subtle way at certain ideologies of our society. The story does have its loopholes, but what makes up for it is the brillant dialogues. Rarely have I seen a film that made me guffaw and feel terrified at the same time. The jokes are crazy and bizarre, but certainly not stupid and flat.Rajkummar Rao is at his best. But he is equally supported by a fantastic Abhishek Banerjee and near-perfect Aparashakti Khurana who play Jana and Bittu. Pankaj Tripathi steals the show with his unsolicitated gyaan. Shraddha Kapoor is good in parts, but often flips back to her Ek Villain bubbly girl mode when not kept in check by the director.Bollywood rarely succeeds in Horror Comedy.

  • badhai ho

    25.badhai ho

    Simple story but powerful performance, a perfect family entertainer. So happy to this movie atlast. The way they potraiyed each character is so realistic and relatable even they have a single scene in the movie. And last but not least the friend circle of nakul is very catchy 😁. Totally a well executed potraiyel of Desi middle class guy. His response to the situations, his awkwardness, embarrassment, temperment, and his love towards his family all these are very genuine.

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