best 25 hollywood movies of all time

Posted on 28 june 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • I love to watch movie and tv series.Here is my best 25 bollywood movies of all time:-

  • Shawshank Redemption

  • 1.The Shawshank Redemption

    I have never seen such an amazing film since I saw The Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank encompasses friendships, hardships, hopes, and dreams. And what is so great about the movie is that it moves you, it gives you hope. Even though the circumstances between the characters and the viewers are quite different, you don't feel that far removed from what the characters are going through. It is a simple film, yet it has an everlasting message. Frank Darabont didn't need to put any kind of outlandish special effects to get us to love this film, the narration and the acting does that for him. Why this movie didn't win all seven Oscars is beyond me, but don't let that sway you to not see this film, let its ranking on the IMDb's top 250 list sway you, let your friends recommendation about the movie sway you. Set aside a little over two hours tonight and rent this movie. You will finally understand what everyone is talking about and you will understand why this is my all time favorite movie.

  • Dark Knight

    2.The Dark Knight

    The dark knight is absolutely at the apex of superhero cinema and it will take a long time for a movie to give this one a run for its money. The second instalment of the franchise by the legendary Christopher Nolan outperforms in every way. The story will keep you not only on the edge of your seats, but out of your seats till the credits start rolling. Christian Bale does an awesome job yet again in the titular role and leaves us all highly satisfied. Heath ledger has reached the pinnacle of acting in this movie. His performance has left a deep mark in film history and will forever be remembered and probably never be topped. His tragic death before the movie's release indeed is very sad, but the character he gave us, will always stay alive. The movie is a thrilling, gruesome, emotional roller coaster which will leave you speechless at the end; and if you haven't already watched it, don't waste your life away, watch it right now.

  • Jurassic Park

    3.Jurassic Park

    This movie is a true masterpiece. The storyline is amazing and the characters are quite enjoyable. I love it. There is good humor right when we need it. It’s the perfect blend of the three most powerful genres of our time, Horror, Comedy, and SciFi. The filming is great and I, personally, pardon inaccuracies in their dinosaurs because the DNA is not whole and they fill in the gaps with amphibian dna. This, in my opinion, is true masterpiece. I have watched all the movies in the series, and I’m waiting for the sixth. I love it. Thank you, Steven Spielberg. This movie has put me in a Dino phase that I’m not sure I can get out of. And because of this movie, my goal is to become a Geneticist. And to seal this review I say one thing: I wish I could put more stars

  • inception


    Inception is such a mind-blowing, storytelling masterpiece and Christopher Nolan's 1# film. While confusing during the first scene with Dom Cobb and the elderly Saito, It has a fascinating plot and theme of planting an idea; convincing the subject's mind that they're not dreaming is the ultimate result of Mal Cobb's inception. I highly praise Hans Zimmer's music, the explanations, the visuals along with the sound, Nolan's direction, and the performance of particularly Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, and Marion Cotillard. During the scene where Cobb reveals he knew inception was possible since he did on his wife Mal, I proclaimed her as one of the most fascinating female antagonists because of her projection being the shade of his real lovely wife taunting him for letting her die alone in what she thought was still the dream world. Dom finally ridding of his guilt (which divides her) is the most powerful yet heartbreaking moment since he still want to be her even though they already grew old together.

  • Avatar

    5. Avatar

    This is unlike any kind of adventure movie my (sk)eyes have ever seen in such a long time, the characters, the musical score for every scene, the story, the beauty of the landscapes of Pandora, the rich variety and uniqueness of the flora and fauna of Pandora, the ways and cultures and language of the natives of Pandora, everything about this movie I am beyond impressed and truly captivated by. Sam Worthington is by far my favorite actor in this movie along with his character Jake Sulley, just as he was a very inspiring actor in The Shack Sam Worthington once again makes an unbelievable mark in one of the greatest and most captivating movies you'll ever see.If you haven't seen this movie yet then you're missing out on something extremely astonishing and completely wonderful, it may even just change your point of view on seeing Earth and its flora and fauna and how to love and respect all of it as well as the planet itself. Take it from someone who's a complete lover and admirer of all forms of life on both Pandora when it comes to this movie and Earth and all it has to offer in reality concerning plants and animals. Avatar will amaze and astonish you more than you think both on the ground and up in the sky(let), this I 100% guarantee!

  • titanic


    I love watching it! Jack and Rose, even though they are not real people and never were, feel so realistic and the effects and clothing and decoration they used in this movie makes it feel like I’m actually on the titanic with them! The flooding and sinking scenes were AMAZING and for a 1997 movie, I thought I was watching something from the future. This movie is a must-watch, and there is no wonder why it won so many awards, because it is most definitely the best movie this world has ever known. I also cannot think of anyone else to play Jack and Rose than Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They both did an absolutely awesome job and fit in very well with their roles, and the directors picked their entire cast very wisely. The “My heart Will go on” song was the perfect fit for the movie, and got stuck in my head after the 80th time I watched it, which is a very low estimate of the number of times I binge-watched this movie from my sofa with a bucket of popcorn. There are some bits of the movie which are not historically accurate, but oh so few of them, that it doesn’t really even matter. In other words, this movie is something you must watch at least once before the day you die, you will NOT regret it. I hope this review was found helpful!

  • infinity war

    7.Avengers: Infinity War

    his film needs no introduction.....there is no doubt it has been created to set records,but will it be able to surpass the top box offices that is indeed a mystery which the future holds.There is no doubt that Thanos is a big-bady of all and he deserves the most screen time. The film doesn't only contain only fights or humour but emotions too.I remember the first time when i went to watch the iron man back in 2008 when i was just 7 years old and then came the Avengers in 2012....from that moment on i have been waiting for this movie.When the time finally came i was excited as every MARVEL fan would be.From the starting of the film to the end a sort of suspense was created which ties the viewer to the screen.There is no denying the fact that the Russo Brothers have done a MARVELous job on this one.Every plot was rightly set.

  • Forrest gump

    8.Forrest Gump

    Tom hanks has done an amazing job to portray this character, I believe he is one of the only Hollywood actors who could of pulled this role off. He puts himself into the roll of the character and brings out the best forest gump; he turns a normal, average character into a new bright and vibrant personality that people can relate to as he is committed to being Forest Gump; his ability to fit the role and how its portrayed makes us movie watchers that we are actually in the film which could of only been done by Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is not the only actor in this movie that made it won six Academy Awards, actor Robin Wright who played as Forest Gumps true love. In multiple scenes of the movie you can see her make a full commitment to the role, an example of this would be when Robin sits on the stage naked playing a guitair, Forest notices her and picks her up off the stage. By robin doing this scene its obvious that it was true dedication to be able to fit on a stage naked in a film that was going to be shown to millions around the world. This dedication by these main characters have really made the move spectacular and worth watching, its truly deserving of its awards that it has been awarded.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    9.Guardians of the Galaxy

    The movie is an eye-opener to the MCU, dragging the attention away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes for a while and bringing up a fresh and robust team-up in the cosmic arena of comic book movies, a genre rarely explored before this releases. James Gunn nails the job of connecting C-Lister heroes that are now pop culture icons (especially Groot). Great humour, visuals, action, music, score and cast performances go hand in hand with the direction. It also holds a great Rotten Tomatoes score 91%and imdb score of 8.1. Scene stealers include Yondu, Drax and Thanos who terrifies his daughters and the antagonist Ronan. Though it falls prey to the MCU villain problem, it has a good MacGuffin in the form of an Orb...

  • doctor strange strange

    Doctor Strange. Never heard of this comics superhero and have never even seen the trailer before I watched this film. But I came out of the cinema totally entertained (as expected of a Marvel movie) and, surprisingly, spiritually uplifted and inspired. You can strip back the mind blowing effects (I've read it's better seen in 3D) and still come up with a wonderful, profound and thought-provoking film with strong messages about life at it's core. One of the best superhero films I've ever seen in terms of story, character development and special effects.

  • black panther

    11.Black Panther

    Black panther is one of my favorite movies time and by far the best superhero movie I have ever watched. The movie is unique to the MCU with a perfect storyline and it flows excellently. My favorite part of the film was the setting (Wakanda) which actually shows the world what africa is capable of and I hope a developing African nation will someday look like Wakanda in the not too distant future. My favorite characters were Prince Chachala and Shuri but there was no bad acting in this masterpiece. Usually the villains in marvel movies are downright despicable but the main bad guy in black panther had reason for his cruelty. I also loved Shuri and Klaw’s sense of humor. I have watched this movie a million times and I will probably watch it a million more times. Even my auntie loved this movie and it was the first sci-fi movie she actually enjoyed watching. I hope the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is just as good or even better.

  • Deadpool


    This movie is just a masterpiece. Funny and highly entertaining from beginning to end, Deadpool is the perfect blend of a comedic tone and a serious tone, being one of the funniest movies I've seen yet at times being genuinely sweet. The funny quips and raunchy jokes that pop out of Wade's mouth during a fight or serious moment work, the jokes land perfectly, they will guarantee too make you laugh, they don't feel forced and the breaking of the fourth wall is a lot of fun, fitting the movie nicely. The action is as fun and bloody as you want action in a Deadpool movie to be; of course, I can't end off of the review without talking about Ryan Reynolds' phenomenal performance as this merc with a mouth , I can't think of anyone that would of played the role better, he hits the tone perfectly, his delivery of jokes and diolouge overall is peak acting in my eyes, and he just matches Wade Wilson's charisma outstandingly.

  • Gladiator


    This 2000 film directed by Ridley Scott is a masterpiece. This fairly simple story of vengeance and redemption is executed in such a way that has engaged the hearts and minds of people for years. In the film, Russell Crowe portrays Hispano-Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is betrayed when Commodus (played by Joaquin Phoenix), the ambitious son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, murders his father and seizes the throne. Reduced to slavery, Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murders of his family and his emperor.

  • ring

    14.The Lord of the Rings

    Regardless of what anyone has to say that is negative about this film, in my opinion, I believe, hands down this is one of, if not the best film adaption to date. As selfish as it sounds, I grew up with this movie being the number one pick out of all the categories for genres. I can't recall how many times I have rewatched the entirety of the series as well as The Hobbit and been able to remember every single word from the script, to the point where I couldn't watch it with my family lol. Although there have been many different types of films that have caught my eye, in the many years of entertainment. This is a film that has it all, character development, a solid plot with a main objective insight, that although stretches across 3 films, is still worth the watch, as each one holds different glorious encounters in middle earth. They also capture the wonderful sights of New Zealand with The Shire. As well as the fantastic animation skills with The Mines of Moria and other foes that the fellowship encounters. All wonderful jobs are done by the cast and producers and everyone who was apart of this film. I must say this film certainly will stay apart of me for the rest of my life. I definitely recommend watching if you have not already!

  • Matrix

    15.The Matrix

    A pioneering, entertaining, ground breaking, philosophical Science Fiction classic. As we follow Neo’s journey (anagram for One as in ‘the one’) from a computer programmer at a respectable software company (he also is a hacker in his free time and uses the alias of Neo) he is discovered by both agents of the machines system of control but also by free people from this control and is first contacted by Morpheus who becomes Neo’s mentor and introduces him to The Matrix. From start to finish you are taken on what feels like a true journey which includes lots of action and cool special effects which at the time were ground breaking and new and copied afterwards but never quite matched. It has bags of style and coolness and uses a green tint when the actors are in the matrix and blue tint when they are in the real world. So what is the matrix? The matrix is a virtual reality created by advanced intelligent machines to keep humanity in control whilst using them for energy to power themselves. This all occurred after man created AI and lost a war with them.

  • star Wars

    16. Star Wars

    A timeless classic in it’s own right, ‘Star Wars’ is the ultimate blockbuster film that launched a pop culture phenomenon and changed the cinema landscape forever. Part ‘Flash Gordon’, with Kurosawa and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as other major influences, ‘Star Wars’ is an ambitious space opera that inspires audiences of all ages with it’s heroic story, loveable characters and the stakes our protagonists are up against. The story probably needs very little explanation; Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) spends his days on a moisture farm on the planet Tatooine with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, sick and tired of being a farmhand and hoping for an adventure, when he soon acquires the bickering droids C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) and R2D2 (Kenny Baker) who reveal a secret message from the captured Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) being held by the Galactic Empire and top secret plans for the Death Star, a space station capable of destroying an entire planet, intended for the old Jedi warrior Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness). This sets up a chain of events utilising Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” where Luke sets off to rescue the Princess and save the galaxy, and is taught about “The Force” from Kenobi, whilst also being hitched a freighter ride from the legendary smuggler Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his Wookiee sidekick Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and coming up against the Empire’s most feared Sith Lord Darth Vader (James Earl Jones)

  • iron man

    17.Iron Man

    This is the movie that started it all! and my first Mcu movie.So I watched it when I was a kid on my Dad's laptop and I was blown away by the CGI and the engaging story.For a long time after watching the movie, I didn't want to look at any other incarnation of Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr made the role so unique it became a bit weird to look at other versions of Iron Man in the animated films or comics. I liked the villain, the iron monger I feel pushed him(iron man) to be a hero that the mcu deserved. For people who did not watch it, I think they should as seeing his origin story well serve you with deeper understanding of his character arc. All in all Iron Man is a good movie that would provide plenty of action, Romance and comedy for the audiences.

  • Ant-Man


    This film is One of the best Marvel films. It's more like a Classic Sci-Fi --- Creature Feature hybrid with a splash of super-hero fun for good measure. Paul Rudd did a great job of being a guy who is struggling in life and has made some bad decisions even if they were for good intentions. He's got the humour right and played the action right as well. Michael Douglas was well cast as Dr. Hank Pym and the story was really good from start to finish. The humour in this film was brilliant. An Excellent Cameo from Stan Lee. The visual effects are fantastic. I thoroughly recommend seeing this film as it stands out well as it's own movie rather than a stepping stone for others. Final Verdict: One of the Best Marvel films.

  • Braveheart


    The Academy Award Winning Epic Braveheart is an extraordinary film the set a new bar for the war/history genre. The story follows a Scottish peasant named William Wallace who's pushed into leading a rebellion against the tyranny of English rule when his wife is murdered. Starring Mel Gibson, Patrick McGoohan, Sophie Marceau, and Brendan Gleeson, the film has a strong cast that delivers extraordinary performances. Additionally, the battle sequences are remarkably gritty and violent, which adds to the authentic tone of the film. And Music Composer James Horner provides a sweeping and majestic score that's incredibly powerful. A groundbreaking film, Braveheart does an exceptional job at both the valor and the horror of war. Final Verdict: Braveheart is a Masterpiece.

  • kill Bill

    20.Kill Bill

    That woman deserves her revenge and we deserves to die. This is a perfect Quentin Tarentino movie, which means full of real action scenes, blood scenes, hilarious story, amazing music, extraordinary cool direction, great casting et cetera. Not only for its action, for its hilarious story, Quentin Tarentino and Uma Thurmen are the another reasons this movie is still remembered today. The last fighting scene were O-Rein and The Bride fought and The Bride cut out the upper part of her brain, the action battle between O-Rein army vs. Uma Thurmen, the anime scenes, all the scenes were blood was coming out from people just like lava coming out from a volcano, the first scene where she killed Cottonhead or or that lady infront of her daughter, when O-Rein sorted out the head of that man, the most impactful scene where Hattori Hanzo given Uma Thurmen that sword were the scenes where I told myself that I should have watched this film in the cinema hall.

  • interstellar


    Time & space , these are two very important phenomrnon which kept humanity think for thousand of years about this vast infinite universe and to find out its unapproachable interstellar destinations like solar system , milkyway , planets , blackholes ,etc. Highly talented great film maker Christopher nolan has shown his top class directorial skills by this great Sci fi saga " Interstellar" . Probably its one of the best movie ever made its not only about finding new home for humanity in interstellar destination but its a emotional sci fi drama also a unbreakable relationship between father & daughter which has been portrayed in memorable manner never before any director been able to do. Theme of movie is about a space mission where a team of astronauts have been assigned a project to find out a new home for human race in vast infinite interstellar distances which also have been sewed with emotional father daughter relationship . This great sci fi will left you in deepest portion of your mind where science & emotion collide with each other .

  • wall-e


    I would give this film 5 stars, only because it portrays what will happen in the future through animation, making it understandable for all ages. This movie was heartwarming and brought little details altogether! It involves indirect humour creating a fun atmosphere which really put a smile on my face. To be completely honest, this movie was one of Pixar's most remarkable films, taking the audience through a sequence of marvellous adventures through the power of animation!

  • mad max

    23.Mad Max: Fury Road

    For someone who had never seen a Mad Max film before, I enjoyed every minute of this film!!!! This is honestly one of the best action films of all time! Arguably the best action film in years!!!! I had no idea what to expect from this film to be honest but I was just blown away really! I was honestly on the edge of my seat from start to finish! The film may be short on plot but it’s absolutely crazy on action! The action is insane! No shaky cam, no quick cut editing! You can see everything and you really do appreciate it too. It’s funny how the plot of the film is just one big car chase? Tom Hardy is great as Max! He doesn’t say much but he does a lot of really cool stuff! Charlize Theron is arguably the standout here to be honest! She is fantastic!!!! She’s able to hold her own in the action sequences and the emotional segments of the film too. Overall she’s a really interesting and badass character that you want to see more of! Nicholas Hoult is also very entertaining too! He steals every scene he is in!! Hugh Keays-Byrne is good as the mask wearing Immortan Joe! A really cool looking villain with a lot of presence! The Wives are not only stunning to look at but they all have distinct personalities! This film is an action masterpiece to be honest!!

  • logan

    24.Logan (2017)

    one of the best x-men related films and really stands out on it's own. based on the comic old man logan by marvel comics. a bleak, dark and despondant future lies ahead for the x-men especially logan who is now worn and torn from life and a straight up alcoholic has to care for an ailing professor x, (charles xavier) (a telepathic medium) while helping a new young mutant who has the same abilities as himself with accelerated healing and a titanium or anti-antium metal skeleton with indestructable metal claws escape from the grim reavers a group of criminal military cyborgs who are trying to recapture the young new mutant for their own evil purposes. superb in all departments, acting, writing, direction and story telling. this should have won a academy award at the time for something. poignant, touching, intense, disconsolate, fast moving and beware profane and graphically violent. a must see for all wolverine fans.

  • dragon

    25.How to Train Your Dragon

    A great masterpiece...The best animated movie I ever saw. The vivid display of emotions like humor, frustration, love...this movie is magical; a fantasy which I would love to live in. The characters are amazing. A bit off from the book, yes ,but perfectly fitting for the movie. The OG six which includes Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut each build up their character in a way such that a single dialog of theirs is enough to convey the aspect of their personality(Astrid: A headstrong warrior lady, Snotlout: Hotheaded boy/man, Fishlegs: The quiet dragon nerd, Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Humorous Twins and Hiccup: The boy who became a hero...the hard way. The diversity and variety of dragons is unique. Going off from the stereotypical dragon was a big challenge for the movie but a great success.

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