Best 25 south indian movies of all time

Posted on 12 july 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • sometime I feel the south film industries better than my Best 25 south indian movies of all time available in hindi:-

  • bahubali

  • 1.Baahubali:The Beginning

    An absolute treat to watch, an amazing story set up, excellently set up characters, and beautiful visual set pieces throughout, as well as a clear dedication to creativity and playing with India's semi-mythological/ semi-historical mix of history. For those willing to dive a little deeper, there is also an impressive amount of symbolism throughout this movie and many references to Hinduism throughout. The final flashback battle is an absolute visual treat to watch and amazingly well choreographed with Bahu, Bhalla, and all the extras in the shots. The final scene of the movie is an absolute twist that made me want to see the second as soon as possible.

  • bahubali

    2.Baahubali 2:The Conclusion

    Bahubali, its perfect in all fronts, be it emotions, action, war tactics, dialogues, swag, sophistication and others, the storyline is not something we have not seen before, but simple and easy storyline made beautiful, extraordinary, clean is an all applause, no wonder it is India’s highest grossing movie, S S rajamouli has directed the movie so ardently, every scene says something, very thoughtful, all claps, and the acting, all actors prabhas, anushka, tamanna, rana, sathyaraj, rajmata and naseer have done such a wonderful job, justified the characters completely, and expressions, well they all marvel at that. The music, is so energizing, beautiful, it gets one going. M M keeravani is a great musician. I have watched both the movies multiple times, and I watch this movie whenever I get bored, see a thing about movies is you watch once, get amazed.

  • KGF

    3.KGF:chapter 1

    the story of ambitious Rocky’s partial journey towards power and riches. The story is told in a non linear format which travels to and fro between 1951 to 2018. The film wastes no time and picks up steam from the word go. The first half episodes build the character of Rocky and establishes him has a powerful maverick don. It breezes to the interval with its share of cliche punchlines, multiple hero elevations, goose bumps and item song i.e. typical commercial format story telling but with lots of style and swag. KGF Chapter 1 is a high-octane-raw mass action thriller film with high dose in performances, action sequences, elevation scenes, cinematography, dialogues and novel-narration, background score and trendsetter for Kannada films for top-notch making and brilliance.

  • KGF

    4.KGF:chapter 2

    The performance of Yash as Rocky bhai is absolutely Killer. His style, swag, passion, dialog delivery is terrific. He has set the screen on fire with his insane screen presence.Hats off to his commitment towards KGF for 8 years. Srinidhi shetty has done her job she has got more screen time in chapter 2. Sanjay dutt was looking evil in his role and has done justice for his role, Raveena Tandon did a brilliant job. Prakash Rai, Malaika and others were good in their role. Prashath Neel had done mindblowing job he will be remembered as one of the India's biggest Director in the history of Indian Cinema. Brilliant fiery Screenplay, Excellent Direction. We are used to witness elevations in between story but we feel that story is in between elevations. Pure goosebumps stuff throughout the movie. Hats off to neel for pulling up this Marvel.

  • pushpa


    This movie is absolutely amazing and awesome where performance by allu arjun was really brilliant and outstanding with his dangerous look that you can not recognize in first view because he came as PushpaRaj . Although I am an Allu Arjun fan since long and have loved all of his films I have watched, I didn't expect to be surprised this much when I began watching Pushpa: The Rise. The visuals are picturesque, the action choreography is outstanding and the world-building is phenomenal. Although it could've been a bit shorter, director Sukumar has backed his film with enough positives to justify the existence of almost every scene. And Allu Arjun's shockingly outstanding performance proves why he is loved by audiences all over India.

  • Robot

    6.Robot(Enthiran 1.0)

    I just love this movie it’s so amazingly done and shot the locations the music the actors are incredibly amazing they are legendary after all and I can watch this movie like every time whenever it’s on air it’s just fun to watch and the charm what Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth created is just next level absolutely amazing direction and I think Bollywood should definitely introduce such concepts and such kind of production direction at work.

  • Robot 2

    7.Robot(Enthiran 2.0)

    Great work by Shankar he has made a magic which was not even imaginable for the other directors.Every scenes in the movie are great visual treat from the title card upto the ending scene every scene is mesmerizing. The story is not a new one it's been told in many movies but the visuals were great but it was not engaging the first half was just for visual enjoyment no engaging factor for that other than the entry of CHITTI.They don't show akshaykumar till the interval and after interval for first few moments we will say that it is akshay's show but after THALAIVAR will come and we will just forget Akshay .Thalaivar screen presence in the second half is just great he has done a great job.

  • RRR


    RRR is a 2022 pan Indian film directed by SS Rajamouli , penned by the father of this legend 'Vijayendra Prasad'. Starring Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn ,Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris and others. As the title suggests RRR- Rise Roar Revolt, each and every elements are present with its after affects. When greater the cast, higher the responsibilities and SSR gave importance to each and every characters. Even the cameos were very well designed and were perfectly suited to the actors. When it comes to a multistarrer, several films failed to impress the audience. Whereas RRR has successfully achieved in registering this in audience's mind. The movie is worth waiting for 4 years. And Can say that the hype is real.

  • Ek Ka Dum

    9.Ek Ka Dum(Nenokkadine)

    One of the most favorite movies from Mahesh Babu Gaaru....each of the scenes were wonderful and beautifully crafted by Sukumar gaaru. That's why he is called as Intelligent writer. He have the full potential in sketching grey shades for the hero's character. Likewise, here also Mahesh Babu gaaru had 50% grey matter in his mind. He is told to be suffering from schizophrenia disease, which makes him to do hallucination. He tells that, his parents were murdered...the mystery, suspense and thrill were maintained almost good in the's a goosebumps to all by Sukumar sir...watched in Tamil as well as of my all time favorite movies after Nanakku Prematho.

  • Magadheera


    It was a treat for the India cinema when this movie was released in 2009. It was a completely unexpected movie when I watched it first time in a theater. For those who wants to compare this movie with Baahubali needs to understand that Baahubali was released many years after this movie was released so you can obviously expect better graphics and art work. Baahubali type of movies were not new for the people who watched Magadheera first.

  • Dashing CM Bharat

    11.Dashing CM Bharat (Bharat Ane Nenu)

    A political drama weaven with fabulous commercial elements. Though story of the film is quite lengthy and routine, Director picks up right scenes which timely elevates Heroism. Mahesh Babu holds 5 graduate degree in UK return back to India after hearing his father was dead due to health reason. since his father was Cheif Minister of the state and also sudden dismiss of CM there was confusion in State. The ruling party Leader chose Mahesh Babu and make him sworn the post. The hero doesn't even know anything about the country or the people(since young he was brought up in the UK, never came back to India until his father died). He will try to sort out up multiple things like corruption, irregularity in following rules, government education system in his state of his own. A typical political plot with drama elements.

  • The Real Tiger

    12.The Real Tiger(Dookudu)

    A pure entertainer from start to finish! Sreenu Vaitla’s Dookudu is perfect blend of action, comedy, and drama. It is about a police officer named Ajay (Mahesh Babu) who goes in search of a criminal named Nayak (Sonu Sood), who was behind an accident which put Ajay’s father (Prakash Raj) in a coma. After his father wakes up, Ajay must keep him happy by staging dramas whilst simultaneously chasing after Nayak and his gang. Mahesh in both action and comedy scenes is outstanding. One of his best performances. Brahmanandam and the late MS Narayana were hilarious. Samantha was also very good in a bit of a limited role. A great movie that you can watch many times without getting bored. I highly recommend it.

  • Main Hoon Lucky The Racer

    13.Main Hoon Lucky The Racer(Race Gurram)

    I liked the film has it did have a good story with good mass. Film was long and too much comedy. Story was decent but kind of interesting. Film had all genres. An excellent film for mass lovers. Performance Allu Arjun and his on screen bro did good job. Shruti did good. Awesome film if you are bored. Intreval bang was good. Climax was bad. It is decent in terms of entertainment. Screenplay was good and direction was excellent. Music gave me goosebumps.

  • Vedalam


    Fantastic movie .Ajith acting is excellent . His face in the movie like a innocent man but he suddenly changes his face expression to angry and happy .No one can do acting like him.Not even cheeranjivi can make such acting .

  • 24

    15. 24

    Brilliant Film. I've watched it multiple times and each time it feels new and refreshing. Suriya is Fantabulous in the film, he is indeed a very Versatile Actor as he differentiates each of the 3 roles with such ease. Samantha has portrayed her role with grace and beauty. Saranya ma'am is superb in the all the emotional sequences. Nithya Menon has done a decent job in her role. The Time travel concept of 24 has surprisingly been handled exceptionally well. AR Rahman BGM and Songs are just Amazing, one of his best pieces. Vikram Kumar's direction is crisp and very interesting and entertaining.

  • Businessman

    16. Businessman

    Businessman is the perfect mass entertainer one can expect from Puri Jagannadh. It's got great action, melodious songs, high-voltage performances and hard-hitting dialogues. Mahesh Babu's character is what makes this film stand out from other films of this genre, and undoubtedly delivers a solid performance as an angry action hero. In the beginning, it might seem like a typical criminal vs cop story, but as it unfolds, it delivers a lot more than that. Mahesh Babu's character is an antihero who kills, swears and is also politically incorrect at times but then there's also his intelligent dialogue with other characters that makes the viewer like him. Kajal Aggarwal is fine, Prakash Raj is good in a rather typecast role and Nassar delivers a subtle performance. The film features beautiful camerawork that captures the locales of Mumbai with finesse.

  • Jersey


    A top top inspiring sports movie. Brilliant acting by Shahid kapoor I would say one of his best performance so far. With movies like Chak De India, Baag Milka Baag, Dhoni, Sultan, Dangal in Hindi and Invincible, Rudy in English to name a few that sticks in my mind at present this for me tops it all. Very beautiful moments, sound track, background score, even one who does not know anything about cricket will want to play and inspire. Each one of them acted brilliantly a super family film from start to finish not even one moment was wasted in the story telling. Amazing direction and screenplay and how they unravel each moment was brilliantly fresh. I am left inspired and feel good movie and definitely.

  • Son of satyamurthy

    18.Son of satyamurthy

    One of the best family entertainer and a thought provoking film also.. love the emotional core performance from each actors from climax, seriously Prakash Raj did a small role but I think AA made him the real hero of the story. he explore his father greatness and finally redeem something greater.

  • Surya

    19.Surya The Soldier(Naa Peru Surya Na Illu India)

    I wish there were more films like this. Mixing action with character drama so perfectly is something not everyone can do. Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India felt relatable at times, because the protagonist wants to achieve a dream and it's only his anger issues that stand in between: something a lot of us have probably experienced at some point in our lives. Allu Arjun shines in the fight scenes and songs as usual, but it was also pleasantly surprising to see him deliver some heartwarming and emotional dialogues with such finesse. In short, the film is a perfect mixture of mass and class elements.

  • Valimai


    Action sequences on its top notch... specially the Bike Stunts as promoted are visual feast for AK fans...Not even a bit bored from AKs entry i never took off my eyes from the's just kept me in the edge of the seat till intervel block... Second half is also good as first half ...Action sequences will keep you thrilled. The best part was i watched Valimai with my 7yr old a mother i didn't even feel embarassed or any discomfort in dialogue/ visual. A must watch movie for all age groups.

  • Udaan

    21.Udaan(Soorarai Pottru)

    Soorarai Pottru is the best and great film I've watched. Really amazing storyline. This film is based on a true story of Capt. Gopinath's life. This film is a journey and please don't hesitate to watch this film. You won't regret. Great job done by all Soorarai Pottru team. Easily brings in the emotional attachment from the very beginning, gets us highly invested and feel for the characters. Tears and goosebumps guaranteed in this film. This film, an uplifting, inspiring story on how the wings of dreams that belong to the common man or the underprivileged have been ripped apart, time and again, for the fear of competition, revolution and public-proclaimed success of the poor, by the ruthless, tyrannical members of the highly sophisticated, elite society is truly incredible, impeccable with the ultimate perfection with which the director, Sri. Sudha K, Surya, most importantly, who light-heartedly, yet impeccably, portrayed Maaran, the revolutionary leader who managed to let his villagers fly with the help of "Deccan Air" the paradigm and beginning of the thought-provoking concept of low cost aviation.

  • The king maker

    22.The king maker(Mankatha)

    Mankatha is a high-voltage action thriller full of exhilarating action and surprising twists. Ajith has delivered one of his career best performances. From beginning to end, it is entirely HIS GAME. I like how the film opened straightaway with a brilliant fight sequence, and later on had a good amount of humor as well. The film did have a few songs that could've been edited but it's impressive how director Venkat Prabhu has made them an integral part of the narrative due to which they can't be easily discarded. The film has a perfect blend of action, tension and excitement, something that makes it one of the best action movies of all time.

  • Yevadu

    23. Yevadu

    This movie is amazing. A very well made story with amazing songs. The background music is also really awesome, especially in the fight scenes. It's really great how the story seems to end at the half, but then there is a whole new story! Must watch film.

  • Geetha Govindam

    24.Geetha Govindam

    Crazy Love Story and Humour Entertains. In the middle of the night, a Car Breaks down and a girl asks for help from a Lonely Guy named Govind(VjDeV) and he, in turn, shares his Love Story. Govind is a Lecture who has a Fantasy for Traditionality and once in a Bus Journey to his Village, he dashes into Geetha(Rashmika) and falls in love with her. Taking an Advice from his Drunk Friend Ramakrishna, he misbehaves with the girl and falls in great trouble and escapes. In his sister's marriage, he finds out that Geetha is a Relative to them and tries to convince her not to reveal what happened. Then the Story goes on how Govind saves himself from Geethas Rogue Brother and trying to convince her that he is a Decent Guy. So there is a Crazy Love Track, Comedy and family drama.

  • International khiladi

    25.International khiladi(Athidhi)

    Amrita's parents are killed by a troubled teenager and her adopted brother, Athidhi, is framed for the crime and arrested. Fourteen years later, Athidhi tries to hunt down the real killer.

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