Top 5 website that everyone should bookmark

Posted on 5 july 2022 by Rajesh kumar

  • Library Genesis

    1.Library Genesis

    I have been using this site for past 10 years.Here you can download any book you think of in diffrent format.I'm kindle useer so I used to download mobi version of books.
    Library Genesis in short form Libgen, the meaning of libgen is font of all knowledge for students, professors, researchers and anyone who wants to gain knowledge. It is a file sharing website for journal articles, academic and general books, images, comics,, magazines etc. The website provided a searchable database of written material collected from publicly available websites and uploaded by its users. It has over over 3 million books and over 65 million journal articles.

    Here is website link/proxy:

  • pirate bay

    2.The Pirate Bay

    I have been using this site for past 8 years.Here you can download almost anything using ĀµTorrent or other torrent clint.

    The Pirate Bay is a place where users can search among billions of data files in order to find the favourite movies, shows, albums, games, and so on. If it's a piece of media that's recently been released, the chances are that it's on The Pirate Bay.

    Here is website link/proxy:

  • Animixplay


    I have been using this website to watch online all anime tv series and also you can download from here with high quality videos with low file size as compare to torrent file size.

    Here is website link/proxy:

  • Investopedia


    Investopedia is a financial media website and its headquarter in New York City. Investopedia provides very usefull information regarding investment: term meaning , advice, reviews, ratings, and comparisons of financial products.

    Here is website link/proxy:

  • iloveimg


    iLoveIMG is the webapp that lets you modify images in seconds for has many other features like Crop, resize, compress, convert, and much more.

    Here is website link/proxy:

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