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We developed this English to Gujarati for those users who want to translate Text Content from English to Gujarati frequently but couldn't do that because of restraint on the number of attempts of character conversion capacity. It is absolutely free so you can use this page for as much number of times as you wish. All You have to do is to copy your content in one box and Click on Translate key and your text content will be translated with precision and speed. This Translation page uses API 'Translation' which is an authority on translation, It is fast, Up to date and Accurate.

Features of English to Gujarati Translator

Our machine translation system offers highly accurate translations, very quickly, and at no cost to users.

  • English sentence are translated into Gujarati. For example,"The origin of universe is a mystery". will be translated into "બ્રહ્માંડની ઉત્પત્તિ એક રહસ્ય છે"

  • Use the translator tool as English to Gujarati dictionary. For example: mystery meaning in Gujarati will be રહસ્ય and history meaning in Bengali will be ઇતિહાસ.

  • Powered by Rishabh326.com Translator

  • High Accuracy

  • Instant Online Translation

  • Translated text is provided in Unicode Gujarati fonts. Easily copy and paste it anywhere on the web or other applications.

  • Pronunciation of Translate text and original text in different voice.

History of English Language

English is originated as the west germanic language which has its original speakers in early medieval England. English has the highest number of speakers across the globe. English is the third-highest number of native speaker after standard Chinese and Spanish. From the Perspective of Non-Native speakers, it has the highest number of speakers across the world. The reason for its such a wide level mass reach is colonisation during colonisation English reach every continent. Because English was Britain's native language and Britain had the highest number of countries colonised under it so that in due time it became the language of international reputation.

Another reason for the English language's popularity which is more of a modern phenomenon almost back to 1760 when the industrial revolution occurred in Great Britain which made great strides in production on a large scale and other academic fields such as science which saw the great light of dawn. The chief reason for the English language's popularity lies in the industrial revolution and subsequent development such as colonisation and cutting edge advances in trades. But in modern times such as ours, English has certain advances for learners chief one of them having colossal literature available in all streams of learning such as natural science, social science, liberal arts, fiction and lot more. This is the reason why people who are non-natives to English are making such a stupendous effort in learning the English language albeit being one of the tricky languages to learn.

History of Gujarati Language

Gujarati, a unique language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Gujarat, has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries. Its origins can be traced to the 12th century when it emerged as a distinct language influenced by the regional Apabhramsha Prakrit. Over time, Gujarati developed its own unique script derived from the Devanagari script. It flourished as a literary language during the medieval period, with notable poets and writers contributing to its rich body of literature. During the colonial era, Gujarati played a vital role in India’s freedom struggle, with prominent writers using it as a medium to inspire and mobilise the masses. Today, Gujarati continues to thrive as a dynamic and widely spoken language, reflecting the cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of Gujarat.

Commonly Used Gujarati Phrases

In English In Gujarati
Do you speak English? તમે અંગ્રેજી બોલો છો?
I don’t speak Gujarati well હું ગુજરાતી સારી રીતે નથી બોલતો
How are you? કેમ છો?
What's your name? તમારું નામ શું છે?
I’m fine and you? હું ઠીક છું અને તમે?
Please say it again કૃપા કરીને તેને ફરીથી કહો
It’s too expensive! તે ખૂબ મોંઘું છે!
I don’t speak Bangla well હું બાંગ્લા સારી રીતે બોલતો નથી

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