All Time Best 25 Anime TV Series

Posted on 5 july 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • I love to watch anime Tv series,right now there is no good anime series left for me to watch now. Here is the list of All Time Best 25 Anime Tv Series that you should must watch...

  • Death Note

  • 1. Death Note

    I was blown away by Death Note's execution and original, inventive storyline. I had always been intrigued by its concept of a notebook that can kill anyone whose name is entered in it, and that alone was enough to convince me to watch this supernatural crime thriller anime, and it was just outstanding! I've just now finished watching all episodes on Netflix, and I kind of feel blank. The show raises a lot of moral questions about justice, capital punishment and vigilantism in a very plausible manner. Instead of giving us clearly defined hero, the anime gives us a rather complex protagonist we might even have trouble rooting for at times. It's a first-rate thriller, and a powerful character study at the same time. Throughout the 37 episodes, the show gives you edge of the seat suspense and intriguing twists, as a result of which it becomes very addictive and hard to stop watching. Action scenes, although present only in a few episodes, are done really well and the dialogue is intelligent. And yes, the soundtrack elevates this show to a whole new level of excitement. I couldn't help but listen to the intro music every time I picked up to continue watching the show.

  • Rick and Morty

    2.Rick and Morty

    Rick & Morty redefines the concept of irreverent humour. Dark, zany, quick witted dialogue within consistently original plot lines drives this masterfully creative sci-fi/ comedy to previously unscaled heights. The line between genius and mediocrity, especially a it pertains to comedy, is incredibly thin.

  • One Punch Man

    3.One Punch Man

    One Punch Man is one of the most HILARIOUS anime you will ever watch! The first season delivers some crazy action packed moments, as well as some awesome heroes and bizarre villains to throw into the mix! The animation is absolutely stunning, due to being animated by the incredible studio Madhouse, the animation company behind the likes of Hunter x Hunter, Irregular at Magic High School, No Game No Life, Parasyte, and Death Note! The story is about a man named Saitama, which after saving a young boy from a villain, decides to become a hero for fun. He trains for three years straight to the point that his hair falls out and he becomes the world's strongest human being. He's become so strong he can beat anyone in one punch, which makes thing kinda stale for him. His nonchalant attitude is where a lot of the humor comes from, as his lack of expression expresses so much! I highly recommend this show to anyone who's looking for a good time!

  • Avatar:The Last Airbender

    4.Avatar:The Last Airbender

    One of my favourite TV shows of all time the characters were great the story was great you tend to care in some sort of way about all the characters its incredible. The Live action movie was Garbage but who cares about that when the original was soooooooo good I would 100% recommend it to anyone that has never seen it or if they have they should re-watch it. The only bad thing is that you can't watch it with no memory of it twice since your first viewing is always the best but it's still amazing. I loved the show and I personally have never been so absolutely invested in characters that get introduced quickly or characters in General that I haven't watch grow over like a huge long character arc like 100 episodes or something but you watch this show and get invested in each character quickly and you can tell their character type and most characters are deep and and you can really care about most even many of the "bad guys" like Azula you see her deteriorating mental state and even though she is a villain you really start to care. This show is immaculate and a definite must watch. I am 100% serious you will not regret watching this show.

  • Attack On Titan

    5.Attack On Titan

    To me this show just had a little of everything meaning it has good characters and character growth, designs, dialogue, surprises and twists, and I love the music. This show personally to me is an anime masterpiece and there is no other anime better. But to speak the truth it can be a little slow in the first season and it takes a little bit to start understanding things so I would understand how some people would get bored but after season one it truly proves every theory you have wrong and turns the table. The characters are very well chosen too and they are all mostly detailed and complex like any other normal character. I favorite characters have to be eren or Sasha even if you see eren almost everywhere for attack on titan it’s more complex than that to really like the guy. You can really tell that this anime was really thought out and put together with so much consideration on mind.

  • Hunter x Hunter

    6.Hunter x Hunter

    This is actually one of the greatest animes I've ever seen. There has been too many animes lately that are so lazily done but are SUPER popular. Seeing this one made me realize that there are animes out there that aren't full of overpowered main characters and boring character arcs. This has also been one of the most original animes I've watched, considering the original series is made before shows like Naruto and so on. I love the main characters and their reasons for being there. Not only are they great and make me happy, but each arc is SO much fun to watch that I just don't understand the few people out there who believe that this anime could've been better.

  • Naruto: Shippuden

    7.Naruto: Shippuden

    Naruto Shippuden is by far my most favourite Anime Series. Even though it has a lot of fillers, I would say it was too good thanks to the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki who has become a hero for me. Just like how Zabuza told in one of the initial episodes ''Narutos words are sharper than any blade''. His words about his everlasting dream of becoming the best has somehow impacted me. The portrayal of each and every character has been spectacular. Be it the action scenes or be it Narutos interaction with his friends everything has been dealt with nicely. Just to see Naruto become a person who was hated by his villagers to him becoming a Shinobi respected throughout the world is extremely motivating. One thing that I love about the show is the innocence that Naruto has been carrying ever since he was a child has never changed.

  • Mob Psycho 100

    8.Mob Psycho 100

    Honestly love it so much, it gives out so much emotion about each character and the whole anime too. It may look bad base of the art style but don't let it fool you. The characters and villains of the anime are amazing. The voice acting fits the characters perfectly and personalities. Never in my life I've related to an anime before. I felt the emotions of each characters and it gives me goosebumps. Every episode made me want to watch more, i cannot wait for the 3rd season. Every fight everyone plays out, plays out amazing with the animation. I instantly grew attracted to every character in the anime. The anime relates to problems people may suffer in real life and it truly amazes me that an anime would have something like that and actual emotions people will go through base off different consequences. The seriousness and humor combined togther.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    9.Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    One of the best TV series ever made, it deserves the high praises it gets everywhere. I pushed it away way too often thinking it would be overrated but boy was I wrong, it really exceeded my expectations. Truly a Masterpiece. The storyline is the best, the pacing, the storylines, world-building... everything. It progresses as the episodes go on, it not only focuses on our protagonists Ed and Al but also a number of characters and gives it's respect to the characters. The plot is very clever and has many twists and turns to surprise us. There are many characters and all provide an impact on the main story, the secondary antagonist is strong enough to lead the show on their own and that is what I love about this show. The show has its comedic relief very often even though it deals with a pretty dark storyline. Easily got one of the best endings of all time.

  • Code Geass

    10.Code Geass

    Not only my favorite anime but my favorite show of all time and it's protagonist, Lelouch vi brittania,. I have never seen such a lead,his charisma, personality,attitude no individual character even comes close to it he is my favorite hero,villian . Even if I heard his name during sleeping I will be like all hail lelouch such a impact this character had on everyone. Except him,other characters like cc and kallen are splendidly written to make you fall in love with them. Such twists and turns this show has and all that mecha thing just add to it's brilliance. The ending is the best like the show and it's lead. It's a totally underrated show which didn't get the fame it deserved.

  • Black Clover

    11.Black Clover

    I got into Black Clover for the same reason I loved Naruto (my first anime watch) only in my opinion, Black Clover is superior. Great build up in the story and character development leading up to intense battles while steering away from filler episodes for the most part. The show can be admittedly goofy at times but balances nicely between that and a serious tone for important story developments. The animation is amazing and I maintained attention throughout all 170 episodes. At the moment, episode 170 leaves us on a cliffhanger but with confirmation of an upcoming movie and possible season 5 release 2023 or 2024, I’m excited for the future of this series.

  • Spy X Family

    12.Spy X Family

    I really love this anime, I love the characters in it mostly Anya Forger and Damian Desmond, they look so lovely when their together, and I love the face of Damian when Anya apologize to her, he looks so indenial... The most beautiful part here is when Damian saved Anya from the dodge ball game I really love that scene, and Damian was really denying that he was a nice guy... Watch this and you'll gonna love it that much... You know I'm an anime lover, really, but this anime I really loved it

  • Akame ga Kill!

    13.Akame ga Kill!

    This show is an absolute brilliant story! I loved every single episode. The action, and animation is A1. The Characters are all super interesting and play their own important roles throughout the series. I really enjoyed the relationships between each character. The writers certainly portrayed the connections fantastically. Whenever something serious happens to one of the characters you definitely feel it at home, which is how you know you’ve acquired an attachment to the characters. Another alluring part about the show, is the romance. I love how the evil villain falls in love with the main Character. She seems to be drawn to him out of opposites attracting.

  • My Hero Academia

    14.My Hero Academia

    Love My Hero Academia because it is such an amazing, nice, brave, and funny, Storie that learns you to become a true Hero. Isuzu Midoryia, known as Deku was the best in all of the Seasons 1,2,3,4,5 and season 6 witch I am waiting for. Young Midoryia was Quirkless but look wat he has become "All for one" and All Might The hero with a smile Wko won's was young Midoryia Trainer. I also love the Boss Fights wat all might has bin thru The Nomu, One for all, wolf form, And Overhaul best Fights ever. I have So so so much to say about this Story But I Love it From the beginning to the end. Outstanding and fun, I'll never forget this Story.

  • One piece

    15.One piece

    One Piece is my favourite anime, I used to hate one piece without even watching it, ik how people brag about it all the time, but it's over 950 episodes so I didn't think I'll ever watch it, but during the quarantine days I decided heck I'll give it a try, and I got hooked up from the start, it's so good and the world building is phenomenal unlike any other anime. The first 200 episodes have poor animation quality but it's gets better, now the animation in current arc is extraordinary. This anime is one of the best anime I've seen, no wonder it has the most manga sales worldwide, the story is awesome, keeps you hooked up, the fights are too good, but you may find some parts are dragged but you'll get out of it. Even after all these years one piece is still mysterious, funny, heartwarming, emotional, action packed, and mostly adventurous.

  • Sword Art Online

    16.Sword Art Online

    it was a pretty good anime, earning a spot in my top favorite series. While I do feel like it moved too fast at times, I myself had no problem with this, and actually felt glad I didn't have to sit through a couple episodes of useless info in the beginning now that I think of it. Aside from that, it certainly achieved all standards of quality, if not more. The plot was easy to understand, yet still provided a proper amount of twists and suspense. What I especially have to congratulate them on though is their reasonable use of character development. It's to the point where a character isn't overdeveloped, but you still fell like you know them well based on the amount of time they were in the show. Trust me, you'll love the romance between the two main characters as well, which fulfills its role throughout the series. However, you should know that the whole show is not just about Sword Art Online, although this doesn't affect it's greatness one bit.

  • Bleach


    When i first heard the name bleach , like many people thought it was something weird but my take on it did a full 180 when i started watching it. It opened an entire new dimension to me for what an anime can be . It made me laugh, cry, rage, and made me feel all sorts of things i didn't expect form an anime at the time. I was in for a further surprise when i actually read the manga and realized the true potential and brilliance of TIte Kubo. Few mangakas exist who are able to create a universe so diverse and a story so gripping as Tite Kubo. The manga is the funniest i have read without it being over the top while the action scenes are well drawn out. The story is realistic(well as real as a story on souls and hollows go) and most of all the hero knows defeat. It has limited use of deus ex machina and each new enemy forces Ichigo and the gang to power up through training often after a crushing defeat.

  • Cowboy Bebop

    18.Cowboy Bebop

    This show is beautiful, elegant, classy, funny, and heartbreaking. A true emotional roller coaster, Cowboy Bebop has the difficult task of attempting to balance a dark story about organized crime, and a lighthearted Star Wars-esque space adventure. However, the writers balance these two sides perfectly, and allow them to coexist without interrupting or overshadowing the other. The animation is nostalgic, warm, fluent, and simply gorgeous. The music is classy, exciting, beautifully composed, and all in all wonderful. The writing is fantastic, somehow making a story that blends element of westerns, noir, classic sci-fi, and Japanese anime, realistic, grounded, and serious. Also, the characters are all fantastic, ranging from hilarious to adorable to tragic to loveable to intimidating to terrifying.

  • Demon Slayer

    19.Demon Slayer

    demon slayer is one of the classics and if your into samurai kinda style of anime this is for you it contains few slayers trying to kill demons and they are an unauthorized corporation trying to bring peace but the plot is fantastic makes wanna stick till the end of the seasons and definitely recommend everyone to watch doesnt matter of your age probably not as good as aot but def one of my favss! the character building makes you emotionally attached to the series and they upload a new episode abt 23 mins long.

  • Dragon Ball Z

    20.Dragon Ball Z

    I have always loved watching anime, and if you think really hard about it, Also, if you have ever watched the show My Hero Academia, Vegeta kind of reminds me of Bakugou because of his crazy attitude and his pride. Dragon Ball was actually quite funny and inappropriate, but Dragon Ball Z got a lot more serious. I love how Goku started as a low class Saiyan, and ended up as one of the strongest warriors in the whole universe. I'm literally addicted to that amazing show. It's my third time watching it and I still haven't stopped yet. Hope you've realized I'm a girl and that Dragon Ball Z could be for anybody.

  • World Trigger

    21.World Trigger

    The Story is quiet amazing the idea that someone is severly injured and dying very slowly is amazing and gives so much depth to the character but the back story of Osamu was quiet boring and not that intersting compared to koga yuma but the story itself is intertaining so far the reason i give it 4 star is the animation in the 1st season wasn't so good comparing to the other animes that came out in the same year which is really bad when the anime is categorizied as "ACTION" but they fixed that in the second season which is great but then they still have those talking episodes that no one cares about which is quiet boring so i removed it again for explanation : I know that talking is important in any series don't get me wrong but you have to make it intersting not boring and sometimes that happens in the series and sometimes it doesn't.

  • Re:ZERO

    22.Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

    I got to know about this anime after I searched for the character REM, I started watching this anime at the end of May and now Im completely hooked to it, The characters are awesome, fights everything but the thing i like the most is REM. She is a complete beauty and her love for Subaru is exceptional. The biggest reason for me to watch this anime is Rem. In ep 18 when she confessed her love for Subaru& rejected, then also she agreed to do anything for Subaru that would help him , I was completely in tears. Every episode featuring both of them are my favorite. Seriously every time I see Rem I fall in love with her & even My laptop is full of her wallpapers.

  • Steins;Gate


    Really good show, it dosent seem like much at first but it all ties together in a good way at the end of the series. I feel that this has been one of those shows that I will look back at and remember as one of my all time favorites. I've read a few reviews that really critique the fact that the main character would lack the intelligence to create what he does in this show, but you see that its specified that this creation was almost entirely accidental, so if you read a review and are put off by the fact that the show seems inconsistent, please ignore it because I promise you that there is so much attention to detail that you wont regret watching this. So if you are looking for things to watch and like scifi and drama anime, I definitely would highly recommend watching this.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen

    24.Jujutsu Kaisen

    when I had first heard of Jujutsu Kaisen and its "similarities" with Bleach, which is one of my all-time favorite anime shows, I was very curious and the subsequently growing hype just added to the excitement. And as I finished it in merely two days, I was left very impressed and entertained to the core. Jujutsu Kaisen is MAPPA's striking new achievement which has set the bar for action anime shows, very high and hard to top.

  • Gintama


    Gintama is not your normal typically shounen the main protagonist is neither a teenager nor have any goals like Naruto wants to become hokage or Luffy wants to become pirate king but gintoki hasn't have any goals he just reads shounen jump . So now you might be wondering ' it's such a boring show ' belive me this show will make you laugh till you have stomachache this show is a comedy , slice of life show but it also have action and don't think it just have comedy just watch till ep 57 and then you will end up watching the first serious arc of this show.

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