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Posted on 1 october 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • Created and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi,Spy x Family was hit when it released and has a large audience and still growing with very high rate. This anime series made by Wit Studio and Cloverworks.The series has very high comedy,charm,hilarity . “Spy x Family” follows the unique plotline of a spy seeking to create a family to pursue his government enemy. The spy marries an assassin and adopts a telepath Anya.The telepath, Anya, knows about their jobs and secrets due to reading their thoughts and enjoying their excitement filled lives. Anya has quickly become not just mine but everyone favorite character. Loid, with his handsome looks and skills, and Yor, with her aloof beauty and skills, have stolen quite many hearts in the audience. The series is a huge hit and has garnered a huge fan following in very short time.

  • Main characters:-


    Anya Forger



    Loid Forger



    Yor Briar



    Yuri Briar



    Henry Henderson



    Becky Blackbell

    anya friend


    Damian Desmond




    Forger friend


    Sylvia Sherwood


  • Spy x Family Season-1

    Part 1

  • Episode 1:Operation Strix

    Rating: 9/10

    Death Note

    In first episode Twilight have to accept a mission for the sake of a better world. Twilight purchases a family unit in Ostania, obtaining a new identity as Loid Forger. Loid Forger goes to a rather run down and shady looking orphanage to avoid any paper work , to adopt a child for Operation Strix. He asks for a child that can read and write, to which the orphanage owner introduces Anya, because he wants to get rid of her due to her behaviour. Loid is initially reluctant due to her young appearance and height, but Anya reassures that she is 6 and can solve complicated crossword puzzle. In flashback: revealed Anya is a telepath that was made by accident, formerly known as Test Subject "007", and escaped from the facility of a unknown organization.

  • Episode 2:Secure a Wife

    Rating: 10/10

    Rick and Morty

    In 2nd episode start with,Civil servant Yor Briar has a secret identity an assassin named the Thorn Princess. Lately, single women had been suspected of being spies, which was making her nervous. Meanwhile, Loid was searching for someone to play Anya's mother so they could attend the interview at Eden College. He just happens to run into Yor at a boutique shop. Anya reads Yor's mind and finds out that she's an assassin and tries to get Loid to act as boyfriend,and Loid want her to be his wife for interview for Anya admissions.After that Anya start acting try to say that she dont have mother in her life,finaly they agree to help eath other.

  • Episode 3:Prepare for the Interview

    Rating: 10/10

    One Punch Man

    In 3rd episode start with, Yor moving into Loid apartment. The Forger family needs to prove their social standing if they hope to get Anya into Eden Academy. And Twilight entire mission is on her acceptance interview. Unfortunately, Anya and Yor need a lot of practice to come off as “cultured family". While Anya’s a bit too forward in her answers, Yor spends most of their practice interview . However, Twilight is less than thrilled by the situation. So, he gives up on practicing altogether and decides they should get out for the day. Their family outing doesn’t play out how he imagines, but it does offer some hope for the Forgers, because a old lady complement the family.

  • Episode 4:The Prestigious School's Interview

    Rating: 8/10

    Avatar:The Last Airbender

    In 4th episode start with,Forgers taking Anya’s admissions interview at long last, and they certainly look the part as they arrive at Eden College. Unfortunately, the educators have some major surprises in store for the applicants. They begin testing the families before they walk through the doors for the interview, throwing some out for a lack of elegance. They also plan a test for those entering the campus, a boy struggling in the school’s gutter. Those who would help him has risk of dirting his/her clothes.Twilight handles well especially since he and Yor packed extra clothes because they anticipated for something like this situation. After that a pack of loose animals apparently not a test from the educators also apears on the day. Thankfully, Yor uses her assassin skills to take the leader of the pack down before it can hurt anyone. Again, the Forgers have extra clothes just in case. It’s mind-boggling, but they manage to outsmart and impress the school’s leaders, one of whom expected as they were commoners trying to look like more.

  • Episode 5:Will They Pass or Fail?

    Rating: 9/10

    Attack On Titan

    In 5th episode start with, Forgers learning whether Anya got accepted into Eden College and the answer to that question is, well, complicated. The beginning of Will They Pass or Fail? sees the trio realizing that Anya hasn’t made the cutoff mark. However, after a conversation with Master Henderson, things start to look up. Bending school rules, Henderson tells the Forgers that Anya is at the top of Eden College’s waiting list. This means she will get a spot as long as someone not take admission. At that moment, Yor gets some hilarious ideas about having the Thorn Princess secure Anya’s spot by killing someone father. But in the end, the Forgers get a call that Anya will go to school after all. With Operation Strix depending on her acceptance, this takes a huge weight off of Twilight’s shoulders. That’s probably why he’s willing to throw Anya a huge celebration one that sees him taking on the role of a pretend spy, like Bondman and anya as a Princess.

  • Episode 6:The Friendship Scheme

    Rating: 10/10

    Hunter x Hunter

    In 6th episode start with, Anya preparing for her first day at Eden. Anya gets her school uniform and is thrilled about the development at least until the tailor warns the Yor Forger about the dangers of enrolling at Eden College. For one, a number of important/very rich families attend the school, including those associated with well known CEOs and politicians. With Loid and Yor boasting no such accolades, Anya could find herself bullied. In fact, the latter half of the episode proves the dressmaker’s warning true. She also tells the Forgers that Eden College students often get targed. Robbers and kidnappers assume as they come from very rich families, and a group of men proves her right on this front as well. After Anya and Yor pick up Anya’s uniform, the pair heads to the grocery store. There, Anya gets harassed by some men hoping to steal her uniform and get money from Yor. Of course, they don’t anticipate Yor’s ability to take them on. Once Yor scares them away, Anya asks her mother to train her. The youngest Forger learns how to pack a punch, though that actually backfires later on.

  • Episode 7:The Target's Second Son

    Rating: 9/10

    Naruto: Shippuden

    In 7th episode start with, Loid and Yor have a small chat about Anya, where Yor tells Loid that Anya needs to enjoy school and love learning. This convinces Loid that he's been overworking Anya too hard, resulting in him calling for a break. Loid tries to get Anya out, but she doesn't come out. Loid tells anya to apologize to Damian for hitting him. In Eden Anya try many times to apologize to Damian but her friend Becky stop her. Loid finds out her friend getting in the way. So intentionlly he announce that someone loking for Becky in the wating hall to get rid of her that way anya can apologize to Damian. When Anya apologize to Damian but Damian didnot accept her apology.

  • Episode 8:The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation

    Rating: 8/10

    Mob Psycho 100

    In 8th episode start with, the relationship between Yor and her brother Yuri. After learning of her marriage at the end of episode 7, Yuri makes a visit to the Forger house. From the beginning, he’s suspicious of Loid’s relationship with his sister. He idolizes Yor, and it seems any man will be unworthy in his eyes and also he loves her. Despite Yuri’s best efforts at hostility, he can’t help but ignore Loid’s good job, cooking abilities, and kindness. The problem? Yuri notices that Loid and Yor don’t act like a married couple when their hand in contact to each other. By the end of the episode, he’s drunkenly insisting she and Loid prove their marriage to him an umcomfortable demand that leads to a hilarious ending. The beginning of the reveals that Yuri’s been lying to Yor about his job. Although he used to work as a civil servant, he’s now part of Ostania’s secret police. That creates a huge issue if he keeps his focus on the Forgers. After all, the secret police are committed to tracking down enemy spies.

  • Episode 9:Show Off How In Love You Are

    Rating: 7/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    In 9th episode start with, Forger family’s living room, where Yuri has insisted that Yor and Loid share a kiss, the whole situation is awkward. Despite their embarrassment, Yor and Loid do actually make a move to kiss. However, Yuri gets just as angry that they’d be willing to do so in front of him. It seems the pair won’t be able to win where Yor’s brother is concerned. Even as Loid graciously thanks him for looking after her, Yuri vows to uncover his true motives.

  • Episode 10:The Great Dodgeball Plan

    Rating: 9/10

    Code Geass

    In 10th episode start with, with a rumor circulating through Anya’s class. With a game of dodgeball approaching in P.E., the students believe the MVP will be rewarded a Stella star. Pushed to be high achievers, all of them strive to obtain it. Of course, Anya and Damian seem the most committed to winning the grand prize. And both have there motivations for trying to obtain their first Stella. Anya wants to succeed for Loid’s sake, knowing her familial situation rests on the shoulders of Operation Strix. Meanwhile, Damian feels under by his older brother. He believes the only way to get his father’s attention is to succeed in school and fast. Of course, Anya and Damian’s preparation for the big game differs. While Damian trains on the playground with his two friend, Anya takes notes from Yor. Having an assassin for a mother comes in handy, especially when pursuing physical game. Anya’s attempts to keep up with Yor are hilarious, as are Damian’s daydreams of climbing mountains and stopping energy balls. Unfortunately in the end, Anya and Damian’s efforts don’t exactly pay off.

  • Episode 11:Stella

    Rating: 10/10

    Black Clover

    In 11th episode start with, Anya in a sorro state, avoiding her studies at all costs mostly because she’s not very good at school. As Loid attempts to unlock Anya’s hidden talents, it becomes increasingly obvious that Anya doesn’t have the natural skills that other students do. She’s not good at sports ,music and many things Realizing her grades aren’t going to push her up the ranks at Eden College, Twilight decides to take a different approach. He brings Anya on a day trip to do some community service a plan that delivers unexpectedly positive results. she finaly got Stella star fo saving a child from sinking.

  • Episode 12:Penguin Park

    Rating: 8/10

    Spy X Family

    In 12th episode start with, Loid meeting an old woman who is a contact for Westalis's intelligence agency, WISE. He accepts another mission and flees the scene via the subway. The woman think if there'll ever be a day when they're no longer needed.

  • Part 1 Recap:

    In an era in which the nations of the world were waging a fierce war of information just out of sight, two countries were at odds with each other: Ostania, in the east, and Westalis, in the west. In order to keep an eye on the actions of a leading figure in Ostania's government, Westalis set Operation Strix in motion. The skilled agent, Twilight, who has been tasked with this operation, had succeeded in completing phase one: creating a pretend family, and enrolling his daughter in the prestigious Eden College. The father is a spy, The mother is an assassin, The daughter is a telepath.The mission that involves these three hiding their true identities from each other continues. And now, after successfully gaining one of the eight Stella required to become an Imperial Scholar, the mission has moved into phase two: making the necessary progress to attend the social gathering that their target, Donovan Desmond, will be attending.

    Spy x Family Season-1

    Part 2

  • Episode 13:Project Apple

    Rating: 10/10

    Spy X Family

    In 13th episode start with,Anya eating and The Forgers planing for a dog for Anya's reward for getting a Stella. In the middle of their outing, Loid ends up having to work a mission to stop a terrorist bombing attack planned against Westalis's foreign minister. Meanwhile, Anya is trying to pick out a dog, but then sees a vision of her family when she randomly reads the mind of a giant, mysterious, white dog. Anya becomes curious and chases after the dog, but she ends up accidentally wandering into the hideout of the terrorists and caught by by a man. The leader of the terrorist group want to kill anya because she heard his motive.The dog who can se near future defends anya and escape with her but after some time they catch her. When a man from terrorist group try to kill anya her mother apears kick his ass...like badass..

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