Best 25 hollywood comedy movies of all time

Posted on 2 july 2022 by Ritesh kumar

  • I love to watch movie and tv series.Here is my Best 25 hollywood comedy movies of all time:-

  • Dumb and Dumber

  • 1. Dumb and Dumber

    One of the classics that'll be quoted far more than Citizen Kane, Caddyshack and Paint Your Wagon. A truly remarkable feat in the art of cinema. This film has two of the greatest performances to ever grace the screen gifted to us by God himself! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels make Robert De Niro and Charlton Heston look like Tommy Wiseau and Ed Wood. I truly believe that the Coen Brothers and Steven Spielberg HIMSELF should take notes from the Farrelly Brothers' absolutely PERFECT direction that should be studied in film schools all over the world and for all time. And when this is not being the Greatest comedy of all time it is being the greatest drama, in which Lloyd and Harry's friendship gets tested and alas they succeed. And just like their friendship this film stands the test of time and it will continue to until aliens land on what was once Earth and discover a VHS copy shall be discovered, and studied.

  • The Hangover

    2. The Hangover

    A very funny comedy that is raunchy, unique and is extremely engaging. One of this films biggest strengths is it's script and the way it's characters pull the dialogue off the page. And they do so in a way that is so consistently funny and entertaining. Without these actors in the roles that they're applied to, this movie might not work as well but everyone (especially Zach Galifanakis, who is arguably the best part of this movie) is cast perfectly. Aside from pacing issues in between the second and third act, as well as a few story lines that are forgotten completely in the mix, this is a very well made comedy.

  • Home Alone

    3.Home Alone

    This is the best movie ever! I can't get enough of Home Alone and it's squeal Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York. It's a great movie about a boy named Kevin McCallister, whose family accidentally leaves him home alone in their hurry to get to the air port when going on their family Christmas vacation. Kevin has some fun and then realizes 2 Criminals who call themselves the "Wet Bandits" Are trying to break into his house, thus he sets up many traps and prevents them from stealing. Meanwhile, Kevin's mom found many airplanes in her hustle to get back to Kevin and in the end she comes in and they have a very sweet moment as they hug.

  • Borat

    4. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Brilliant movie! In the surface level, people's perspective would be this Sacha is trolling people but for me there's a deeper meaning to it. He tries to portray a cartoonish fictional with a sprinkle of reality character. Borat is very naive and honest (that's why I root for him) but his culture is very different. Each scene really pranks people but it's not just a regular prank like the usual TV show, it kinds of putting people on edge and it reveals day to day people's true character which I find very interesting through out the film. It gives you perspective how people think around racism, sexism, politics. I think this movie is for adult since there's like deeper meaning behind it and there are some actions shouldn't be copied because you can get a lot of trouble and putting yourself in danger by doing that.

  • The Dictator

    5.The Dictator

    One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. A combination of ridiculous shock and satirical comedy that is stupid yet intelligent in the sense that it sheds light on stupid things society sometimes believes about Arabic people. It’s funny how years later the over exaggerated, ridiculous Social Justice Fighter with the character of zoey so funny has actually become serious and mainstream in the real world. Sad how Sacha went from masterpieces like this and Borat to the catastrophe/propaganda piece that was the last Borat. Will forever have a place in my heart.

  • OMG

    6.Liar Liar

    I love this movie. Everytime it's on cable, I tell myself, make some time to sit down and watch it. I finally watched the movie all the way through. All I can say is 'Wow.' The story was so good. The morals in this story are really issues that we all face in our life. Making time for people who care about, making excuses. The character Maxx is adorable. He is one of the sweetest characters in any movie ever. Like most Jim Carey films you will not be disappointed. A really good movie. Very watchable, and you can you walk away from the TV for one second come back and still get whats happening in the movie.

  • Ace Ventura

    7.Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

    I love the classic Jim Carrey comedy! Ace Ventura: Pet Detective has to be one of Jim Carrey’s best films ever!! I do enjoy this movie a lot. Has good jokes, and a great storyline. This movie can go on the list along with Dumb and Dumber, and Bruce Almighty!👍 Another I do like about this movie are the performances. They are very well done, and written. I do like Jim Carrey’s character, it is so amazing, and well done. I do like the part when he is talking though his butt. So funny!! But other than that I do recommend this movie to anybody that likes good classic comedy from back then.

  • Bruce Almighty

    8.Bruce Almighty

    I myself must say that this is one of the funniest and most astonishing films of all time. I absolutely love this film and I have seen it about a thousand times, it never gets old. And Jim Carrey’s performance is indescribably extraordinary and unique, as always. He and the other cast did an amazing job acting in this incredibly hilarious and weird film!

  • Superbad


    This movie will reign as my favorite comedy of all time, and my 9th favorite movie of all time. This movie works so well with two characters doing one thing and another character doing another thing. It works so well which was very unexacting. This movie is like South Park but in real life and for any adult watching this film you will at some point have a flashback to your years in high school, same as for teens. You can really connect to a character

  • We're the Millers

    10.We're the Millers

    Watching it right now for the 5th time. It never gets old, and always funny no matter how many times i watch it. A mismatched fake family put together to deliver drugs, what could possibly go wrong? Lol. Hilarious. Great characters that are well acted by a great cast. A must watch If you are into real comedy movies!

  • 22 Jump Street

    11.22 Jump Street

    Although some sequels don't really hold up to the originals at times, 22 Jump Street definitely delivers hilarious and over the sequences of hilarious and action-packed scenes throughout that Hill and Tatum once again deliver as the hilarious characters. Let's also mention that it breaks the 4th wall throughout the whole entire film. 22 Jump Street is definitely worth a sequel to watch. Again, not all the jokes don't hold up, but still an entertaining film.

  • Yes Man

    12.Yes Man

    A fun movie. Jim Carrey is great, the acting is fine and the concept is good. It's unfortunately cliche and falls short of its potential, but as a movie to sit and watch with your lover with the lights turned low, it's the perfect mixture of comedy and romance that'll make you realize just how much you love her. I just wish Carrey weren't forced to play it so straight, if he were to have had more of his Carrey-isms he's famous for, this movie would be as good as Bruce Almighty.

  • Me, Myself & Irene

    13.Me, Myself & Irene

    I love this movie so much. I’m watching it right now and every time I get a chance. Jim Carrey is comedy magic pure and simple. I can’t imagine what kind of person could get through that cow scene without howling! It’s legitimately my favorite scene in any movie ever. I love you Jim Carrey and want to thank you for all the laughs.

  • Click

    14.Click (2006)

    Click starring adam sandler is a hilarious movie akin to Absolutely Anything and very ahead of it’s time. The ratings are hard but the movie has a great concept and taste in humor. I think that was probably the first movie to make me really cry. There is an absolutely impactful and heart shattering scene and others that make me think about my own life and family. The way time progression is crazy genius with the remote settings, features and a few hilarious HUD jokes. and showing different future generations. I They also had an incredibly clever ending. My only issue with it is I just wanted to see what more the remote can do in my opinion and it would be a perfect Sandler film, I also did not expect it to get so dark, but it was good at it. Its one of Sandlers better performances and is very underrated.

  • Deadpool


    Full of entertainment, enjoyable, masterpiece film except some disturbing scenes. As an Indian I liked that in the beginning of the film when Mr. Pool (Ryan Reynolds) was in the taxi Bandhu was playing an Indian song 'Mera koita hai Japani' in an english film. Action scenes are fabulous but some scenes of this movie are not fabulous but it is a R-rated movie so.... when I was a child and as an early 2000's kid I indeed only Spiderman, Batman and Superman as superheroes. Of course that time there was very less superhero movies at that time, and of course I didn't indeed the origin of Deadpool but in 2016 when this film released I was very much excited to see the origin of Mr. Pool and I really enjoyed that very very much. And one fact about this movie is :- This film would have never be maked, if someone didn't leaked a test footage of Deadpool by Tim Miller.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    16.Little Miss Sunshine

    I found out about this movie after seeing The Batman (2022) because I was interested in finding out if Paul Dano was in any other movies. Needless to say he does a phenomonal job in Little Miss Sunshine along with the rest of the cast. The chemistry between the characters was amazing, I never thought I would see Steve Carrel in a role like the one he has in this movie. This is not only a must watch, but a movie that teaches one of the most important things there is. That thing is that with family, no matter what happens, you still have each other. In short, I highly recomend giving this movie a watch, and I guarentee that you will not be dissapointed.



    I loved Anchorman when I first saw it back in 2004 and still remains one of my top 3 favourite comedies. It was utterly ridiculous but had so many quotable lines and likable characters. I recently purchased it again on Blu-ray and watched the extended version of the film which I had never seen previously. Although still funny, it does feel a bit slow to start with but I'm unsure if that has anything to do with the extended version I watched or not... but it certainly picks up the pace as the film moves forward. The film encompasses many styles of humour that is tailored to play to the strengths of each actor and because of that, it's arguably the best Will Ferrell film.

  • 40 Year Old Virgin

    18. 40 Year Old Virgin

    The 40 year old virgin is one of my favorite Steve Carell movies. The best scene in this movie is the one where Steve Carell goes and gets his body waxed. Oh yes Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd are in this movie too. My other favorite scene is the part where Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd play video games and they talk about this question saying: you wanna know how your gay? And then Paul Rudd says you like Coldplay. Other than that funny movie.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire

    19.Mrs. Doubtfire

    An absolute masterpiece of comedy and drama. This is the centerpiece of Robin Williams’ career. I cannot express how hysterically funny and emotional this film is. Anytime this film airs on television, I immediately must watch the entire thing. Every human on the planet should know the legendary comic Robin Williams and his exceptionally unique talent. This film definitively highlights that talent and his transition from loving but self-employed father to the illustrious and graceful Mrs. Doubtfire is something to behold. The brilliant Sally Field is also an absolute delight in this film. I must say that even though this film is mainly centered on the character of Mrs. Doubtfire, I can help but express how there is some dynamic present between Robin Williams and Sally Field’s characters. It’s something that will make you feel warm-hearted every time they appear on the screen. Supporting cast Mara Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, and more add to the joy and comedy of this film.

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love

    20. Crazy, Stupid, Love

    Hands down my favorite movie of all time. I am not a fan of romantic movies but this changed my view on love. I have been moved by the realness and sensibility this movie brings with it. The beautiful way all the adorable storylines interwined together made my heart melt with emotion. But honestly my favourite character was Robbie, who gave me hope to pursue my love for my soulmate beyond odds. This touch of true love was what I needed to not give up on life. I wish everyone would watch this movie atleast once a week. It's a life changer.

  • The Big Short

    21.The Big Short

    This movie was a surprise. It is concerned with something that is not generally a cup of tea for the large audience. And yet, it manages to entice all the complex key concepts and happenings that led to the financial crisis(focusing mainly on the housing bubble and the Banking way of being the reason behind to create the bubble) from a very different perspective(of the gainers, not the banks or sufferers, best part is ,they just bet against the economy that's it) with the help of Great Adrenaline rush Acting, infusion of a docu-drama style with heavy dose of Black comedy, innovative style of explaining complex financial terms and functions etc. to make things digestible and entertaining at the same time. This is a movie that can be watched as many times as you want, you're never gonna get bored.

  • Get Smart

    22.Get Smart

    I love this movie. It is a great spy movie or parody. It has great acting and a good twist. The tv show was okay but this movie is brilliantly awesome and funny. It is entertaining. I am a big fan of Dwayne Johnson and Steve carrel. And they did a great job in this movie. This movie is definitely a thumbs up. Now the action was overall good and the comedy was great, it was funny. The movie had no bad parts in my opinion. I loved it and watch it all the time. It is a ok movie for kids, there is some bad language but not to much and some rude humor. One scene of butt nudity.

  • The Proposal

    23.The Proposal

    I saw this movie today. Been a while since I’ve seen it. Very entertaining movie. It made me laugh often. The opening sequence was hilarious. I think Ryan Reynolds shine in these light comedies where he doesn’t overact the funny parts. Sandra Bullock is always good at these things. And Betty White was a gem. Good movie to pass the time and relax to.

  • The Big Lebowski

    24.The Big Lebowski

    Man this movie being 21 year old is still the funniest movie i've ever saw, movies these days still cannot beat this classic. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman's performance was just crazy and at it's best they just disappeared into the role. Shame the oscars snubbed their performances and the movie. There is no doubt that this movie was way ahead of it's time as people and some critics didn't understand it fully and now it has achieved a cult status & rightfully so. It is also the kind of movie that gets funnier every time you re-watch it and still feels fresh no matter how many times you watch it. Specific shout out to the awesome soundtrack used in the movie, i mean wow it just blends into the movie & you feel the music is made just for this movie.Change of genre for Coen brothers but not any change in quality.

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    25.Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    This is a movie that seems to stand the test of time. Each joke stands on its own and can make the viewer laugh the 100th time they hear it. Seeing such a well known situation as the Knights of The Round Table in the absurdity that only Monty Python can handle makes a masterpiece completely unlike any other film. This shows that great movies are not only Shindler's List and Godfather high brow pieces of art, but also comedy filled romps. Everyone NI-eeds to give this movie a chance, and take a journey to medieval England with Arthurs band of misfits.

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