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India is the largest 2-Wheeler market in the world sees thousands of new vehicles rolling out on the roads every day. In the last few year most of the two-wheeler manufacturers facing trouble for multiple reasons. First, the ban BS-III two-wheelers by the Supreme Court. Furthermore,2nd implementation of GST also bought down the sentiments to buy new vehicles and last lockdown due to covid in 2020.But now in 2023, on its path to recovery. The 2-wheeler industry accounts for 8% of the manufacturing GDP in India. In addition, it generates more than 2% of GST revenue. Over 200 million 2-wheelers are estimated to exist in India. 2-wheeler manufacturers currently account for over 80% of overall automotive production in India. Bikes and scooters account for the vast majority of the 2-wheeler market.

Our Best 10 Bike in India

  • ★TVS Sport
  • ★Bajaj Platina 110
  • ★KTM RC 200
  • ★Bajaj Pulsar RS200
  • ★Yamaha R15 V4
  • ★Yamaha FZ 25
  • ★Hero Glamour
  • ★KTM RC 200
  • ★Royal Enfield
  • ★Bajaj Pulsar NS160

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Scooters/scooty are the best mode of transportation of People in the city or urban area. Scooter Popularity has change from only older uncles going work to everyone want to have a scooter because its easy to drive and has very low maintenance cost.Scooter are easy to handle, convenient to park, and requires little to zero maintenance. In Taiwan, more than half of the population owns a scooter and uses that to get to work everyday and in India scooter have been growing very fast.

Our Best 10 Scooty\Scooter in India

  • ★Suzuki Access 125
  • ★TVS Jupiter
  • ★Hero pleasure plus
  • ★Honda Activa 6G
  • ★TVS iQube
  • ★Ola S1
  • ★Ather 450X
  • ★Simple One
  • ★Ampere Reo
  • ★Hero Electric Flash

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Bicycle is a healthier way to stay fit or simply commute.Many European country like the Denmark,Netherlands, Sweden,Germany, Norway, Finland, etc are relying heavily on bicycles to commute. India is slowly but gaining its share of bicycle riders. Because bicycles do not just keep you healthy but also help in curbing the pollution that’s becoming a considerable concern in populated cities.

Our Best 10 Bicycle in India

  • ★TATA Stryder Harris 200
  • ★Firefox Street SS
  • ★Firefox Rapide 21s
  • ★WaltX Trak 3
  • ★Waltx Trail 27.5
  • ★Firefox Nuke D 27S
  • ★Hero Octane Iguana
  • ★Giant SCR 2
  • ★Hero Lectro Kinza
  • ★Toutche Helieo

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auto rickshaw

Auto Rickshaw

Auto Rickshaw is a very popular transportation vehicles for short distance in urban and rural part of India.It is a three wheeler motor vehicle used as Transport. A Rickshaws look like a tricycle but powered by a engine. Auto Rickshaws mostly used for public transportation in cities.Check out our best 10 auto rickshaw:

Our Best 10 Auto Rickshaw in India

  • ★Bajaj Compact RE
  • ★Bajaj Maxima Z
  • ★Mahindra Alfa
  • ★Piaggio Ape Auto DX
  • ★TVS Deluxe
  • ★Piaggio Ape e-city
  • ★Mahindra Treo
  • ★Bajaj RE EV
  • ★Mahindra E-Alfa
  • ★Kinetic Safar Smart

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electric car

Electric Car

The standard of living of the Indian population has improved to a great extent, particularly in the urban area. As a result of this, the automobiles manufactured have too improved and promises to offer the best in range,price,dynamics, features,creature and comfort. We live in the era where environmental concerns are at their peak. Since forever, emissions from traditional crude oil-based vehicles have been significant contributions to the overall degradation of the environment. While many countries have already made the shift to environment-friendly vehicles, Indians are just starting to appreciate the potential and usefulness of electric cars . Many Indian adapting electric vehicles.

Our Best 10 Electric Car

  • ★Tesla Model Y
  • ★Tesla Model 3
  • ★Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • ★Nissan LEAF
  • ★Jaguar I-Pace
  • ★BMW i4
  • ★Tata Nexon EV
  • ★Hyundai Kona Electric
  • ★Tata Xpres-T EV
  • ★Tata Tigor EV

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